Over half of you wouldn’t trust men to take the male contraceptive pill

S h o c k i n g

Yesterday we asked you whether, despite the fuss and moaning over the male contraceptive pill and hormonal injection, you would really trust guys to take it if it became available.

Turns out, surprise surprise, you don’t. Over half of the women who answered our poll yesterday – 51 per cent in fact – said that they wouldn’t trust a guy to remember to take the pill.

This comes despite 80 per cent of men saying they would take hormonal contraception if it became widely available.

Last week it was reported that a groundbreaking trial of a male contraceptive injection had to be halted after some of the participants claimed that the negative side effects – including acne and low libido – were too much to take.

You know, the side effects women have dealt with for years. Those ones.

But if the results of our poll show anything it’s that even if the contraceptive injection or pill did exist for men, our attitudes don’t quite match up to the science in terms of trusting them to take it just yet.