The most forgettable Made In Chelsea characters of all time

Funda, Agne, Harney – a look back at the faces we’ve lost

Made In Chelsea revolutionised the way we view celebrities. Even though TOWIE came first, their B-list stars are still nothing compared to the likes of Spencer Matthews, Millie Mackintosh, Jamie Laing and other household names the show has created.

Yet, for every Francis and Proudlock and Caggie, there’s a Naz or a Miffy or a Billie – the characters that, until this moment just now, you completely forget were ever a part of the show.

But who is the most forgettable MIC character of all time? Take a look back through 11 seasons of archives with us, and cast your vote below.


In many ways, Funda was the one who kicked it all into motion – as Spencer Matthews’ first onscreen girlfriend, she paved the way for many unfortunate women to follow in her wake.

Existing mainly as a cautionary tale, you might also recognise Funda from Calvin Harris music videos or adverts for cosmetic surgery. Possibly.


Francis’ Lithuanian intern Agne Motiejunaite will be a familiar face for diehard fans, but that didn’t stop her getting the chop at the end of the first season. She’s now a full-time model.


Now more famous for being the daughter of “Sir Shifty” Philip Green, Topshop heiress Chloe Green had a brief stint on the show as Ollie Locke’s girlfriend.

They went fishing together, remember?


Wasn’t she Caggie’s cousin or something? Did she go out with Proudlock? We think there was a skiing subplot involving her, but we’ll have to get back to you on that.


Thomas was the French busker who Caggie brought back from Paris, and was in no way shoehorned in to try and hastily create a love rival for Spencer.


Although she wins extra points for having the best name out of anyone on MIC ever, Gabilicious loses all of those points for having absolutely no discernible effect on any plotline of any episode she appeared in.


Another of the Made In Chelsea old guard who ended up being pretty useless, the entire series kicked off with a party thrown by Amber for her new jewellery line. Or jewellery blog? We weren’t really listening.


Was Kimberley Gardner the most objectified cast member in MIC history? The fact she was introduced with literally just a lingering shot of her arse suggests so.

Unsurprisingly, Kimberly left after just one season. She now concentrates on her swimwear line.

Sam Cussins

It’s hard not to feel bad for Sam. Introduced as part of a trio to rival the “lost boys” of old, he fell by the wayside to charming Andy Jordan and cheeky Stevie Johnson.

Just sort of there, Sam was the awkward third wheel of the group – and after a bumbling love subplot with Cheska, he bowed out from the show.

Josh Coombs

Remember this guy? He was Phoebe’s ex-boyfriend who came in as Proudlock’s mate in 2013. Then, you know, was dropped from the show without warning eight episodes later.

George Amor

The closest MIC ever got to a full-on Patrick Bateman character was George Amor, the steely-jawed polo player who looks like he’d happily choke the life out of you with his bare hands.

These two people


Fordy and his mate

Looking and sounding like they’d rather be chinning pints of Carling in an inner-city Spoons, Fordy and his pal didn’t quite nail the Made In Chelsea, King’s Road, Bloody-Marys-at-brunch aesthetic.

Come on, one of them is called Fordy. What did you expect?


Oh yeah, this is the guy who threw a hissy fit because Binky didn’t want to date him. Onto the next one.


When the only thing remotely interesting about you is that you’re a Personal Trainer, it means you’re probably not suited for a career on the TV.

Sophie Hermann

To be fair, we’re not sure if Sophie Hermann was ever an actual character, or whether she was an animatronic robot built for the sole purpose of blankly chortling at Mark-Francis and Victoria’s quips.


Lauren Hutton was arguably the woman who held Spencer Matthews down for the longest, which is no mean feat. Then again, she’s no Caggie or Louise or Lucy, and she didn’t really add much to the whole equation.

She’s allegedly dated Leonardo DiCaprio since, though, so she probably doesn’t give a shit what you think.

Intense Josh

Unlike his milquetoast predecessor Josh Coombs, Josh Shepherd was all intense stares and intense pauses and intense moments where he’d talk to Steph as if he was going to kill her and everyone else in the room.

Seriously, look into these eyes and tell me he hasn’t entertained the thought of murder.


Gabriella, Ollie’s cripplingly embarrassing songstress girlfriend, has had a number 1 single in Greece since she left the show.

Here’s the time she made a music video with an Ollie Locke lookalike – skip to 3:25 for the grand reveal.


Louise Thompson literally cheated on her boyfriend with this man here.

Lucy’s boring boyfriend James

[Falls asleep]


You might not remember Harney, but he was the relatively good-looking but objectively very odd bloke who tried to woo Steph Pratt by making crude handyman jokes and then forcing her to play tennis.

Then again, you might remember him because he has a stupid fucking name which is quite hard to forget.


She was dating Spencer, right? I sort of remember there being an Emma in Spencer’s life.

Wait, there were two of them? And they both dated him? Jesus.

Millie Wilkinson

Millie had a short-lived relationship with Sam Thompson, in which he invited her round for cocktails and then preceded to shag Tiff behind his back.

She eventually declared “I’m out,” leading Sam to ask the immortal question: “Are you Dragon’s Den-ing me?”


She was both blonde and American, so you’d be forgiven for thinking this was Steph Pratt, but nope.

She’s called Tallulah, and we literally can’t remember a single thing she got up to on the show.


Seriously, this guy was in the very last season and you’ve already forgotten him.

Quick refresher: he rode a motorbike, went out with Jess for a bit, had a painfully strong jawline and showed up a few episodes ago on Skype.


I mean, it’s probably Cheska, isn’t it?