Being an introvert is good for your mental health, new study says

Your lack of social life might be good for you after all


Prefer spending time alone? According to new research by scientists at Durham University, it probably means you’re in a better state than your social butterfly acquaintances.

Scientists surveyed 18,000 people and found that respondents listed reading, listening to music and spending time alone as some of the best restorative actions.

What people ranked as the five “most restful activities,” in order, were: reading (58 per cent), being in the natural environment (53.1 per cent), being on their own (52.1 per cent), listening to music (40.6 per cent) and “doing nothing in particular” (40 per cent).

The study, which is the largest ever survey of rest and well-being in the world, found that two thirds of the public would like more rest, with one third saying they need more rest than the average person.

Professor Felicity Callard, who led the research, said: “It’s intriguing that the top activities considered restful are frequently done on one’s own.

“Perhaps it’s not only the total hours resting or working that we need to consider, but the rhythms of our work, rest and time with and without others.”