George the Poet speaks about patriarchy

‘I enact it every single day’

George the Poet is the leading sound shining through a crowd of spoken word voices. His whisperingly powerful verse is a long way from the bars he started with at 14.

In a video interview organised ahead of the release of his new single Wake Up today, George spoke to us about patriarchy.

He said: “I map my personal experiences onto a broader question.

“So I think about a dynamic between me and a woman and what that means in terms of my understanding of the broader female experience, or how I might be enacting patriarchy.

“In my learned behaviours or things that I think are innate to me, I feel like I do it every single day because I learn more about it every single day.

“I learn more about patriarchy every single day and I realise things that I thought were just the way things are between a man and a woman – platonic or romantically involved.

“Maybe they need a bit of challenging, maybe you thought that because you just weren’t educated about her experience.

“And that’s something I constantly challenge myself with.”

See the full video below.