Every female comedian you need to discover right now

They’re funny gals

In the past, it was previously the standard to think of female comedians as ‘unfunny’  or ‘only funny for women’. But these girls are confident, funny and have the quick fire wit that I dream of having. They’re not judged by their appearance or body but instead their ability to deal with a heckling crowd. Not everyone can be a comedian but this lot, whether they’re stand up artists, actors or writers, have proven that they deserve a place on the comedy hall of fame.

Amy Schumer

“She’s one of the first comedians to oppose the idea that women shouldn’t joke about sex/promiscuity, and her show is amazing, especially since it often references women’s issues. This is super important especially since it’s on Comedy Central which has traditionally been a ‘boy’s club’ in terms of comedy and has led them to have a lot more shows featuring female comedians.

“She’s also just a really strong, inspiring woman who has overcome a lot and she’s someone I look up to both as a woman and a comedian” – Madi Dettlinger, Michigan.

Negin Farsad

This amazing woman owns a production company, has written and directed documentaries and have two masters from Columbia University. Her humour focuses on the the Muslim and American community, she understands the fact that this community will pick up and adapt to certain comments and she’s funny about it. Her intelligence and real life experiences is what makes her shows funny for everyone who watches.

Amy Poehler

She’s brave, witty and blonde. Whether on Saturday Night Live or her recently finished show Parks and Recreation, Amy Poehler focuses on sexism in the workplace and uses it to make people question their ability to do great. Her infamous character Leslie Knope should inspire everyone to be the best in their profession. If you haven’t watched Parks and Recreation, seriously you should.

Chelsea Handler

The late night talk show host is known for her brutal honesty and has been placed on Times 100 most influential people in 2012. Her open views about abortions, nudity on instagram and sex tapes make her a woman who needs to be recognised more. The Netflix documentary and her own talk show, one of the first women to have her own talk show provide people with a weekly dose of Chelsea. If not follow her on Instagram to get daily feminist and hilarious posts that will brighten your day.

Leslie Jones

Known for her roles on Saturday Night Live and the reboot of Ghostbusters, Leslie Jones’s humour specifically focuses on race in a new light. Not only is she an amazing comedian/actress, she was still hacked over twitter. Although her ability can be overlooked sometimes, her performance and overall talent is something which should be recognised more.

Cameron Esposito

Known for her side mullet and the greatest period joke of all time, Cameron Esposito is bold, a proud lesbian and heterosexual activist. She is able to talk about periods in such a way that makes you both laugh and cry at the same time. It is her frustration yet passionate energy that she preaches with that just changes how you feel about periods and babies all within the space of five minutes.

Emily Heller

This comedy beauty has performed on late night shows like Late Night with Seth Meyers, Conan and Inside Amy Schumer. She describes herself as the ‘spazy weirdo’ of the loner group, and her love for cats every girl can admit that we have felt like Heller at least once in her life.

She also has her own podcast, Baby Geniuses, with cartoonist Lisa Hanawalt which is definitely worth a listen if you want to be easily cheered up.

Nicole Byer and  Sasheer Zamata

This comedy duo have their own webseries called ‘The Pursuit of Sexiness’ which focuses on friendship and sex with a element of comedy which you could get lost in for days. Byer, who is originally from the MTV show Girl Code (another funny thing you should watch) and Zamata, a Saturday Night Live veteran, team together to get into funny and awkward situations which every girl can relate to one way or another.

Miranda Hart

She uses her size and body to create physical comedy, whether this through her stand up performances or from her television series Miranda. She uses the awkwardness and own experiences that everyone can relate too. Also its rumoured that her series is coming back for another season and I’m fangirling inside.

Tig Notaro

This comedian from Mississippi is dry, beautiful and horribly honest. Not only is she strong, confident and empowers women, she went to perform a stand up show two days after she was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer. Although you should feel uncomfortable, her style just takes you on this journey that makes you feel okay about it, I mean still uncomfortable, but in an okay way.

In 2014, she performed a show topless due to her double mastectomy which The New York Times described as ‘She showed the audience her scars and then, through the force of her showmanship, made you forget that they were there. It was a powerful, even inspiring, statement about survival and recovery, and yet, it had the larky feel of a dare.’

Nadia Kamil

This Welsh-Iraqi comedienne is known for her viral videos and dry comedy style. She addresses incredibly important themes such as rape, politics and feminism in a original way. Just look at her take on Drunk Driver Safety Advice to fully understand her humour. This woman is the definition of how it is possible to get important issues across in a unique way that is refreshing for all.

Aparna Nancherla

Aparna is open and laid back to the life that she lives. Not only does she address current political situations but she openly talks about her depression and being single in New York. She talks about prescriptive pills, being alone and self esteem. Her openness diminishes the stigma of mental health in such a casual way I could listen to her for days.

Sara Pascoe

The Dagenham performer has been present on British television shows for a while now. With appearances on shows such as QI, Mock of the Week and Have I Got News For You, she constantly addresses what it is like to be a woman in the modern world. Whether it is being terrified about Uber drivers or who to take home after a night out, she makes you feel like you’re normal even if you make horrible decisions. Just by watching one of your sets, the stupid mistakes that you once have made feel less stupid, she lets you know that other women go through the same things.

Ali Wong

Ever seen a pregnant comedienne before? Well now you have. Ali Wong has recently performed a stand up show, whilst being 7 and a half month pregnant. This amazing woman genuinely highlights how women are capable of everything, whilst kind of shitting on male comics at the same time. She is powerful, passionate and so cool I wish I was her. Her stand up show, Ali Wong: Baby Cobra, is on Netflix and oh my lord go watch it.