The definitive Made In Chelsea drinking game

One finger every time JP says he’s a really good guy

Made In Chelsea has returned to our screens, plunging us back into the Sloane Square savagery we’ve come to know and love over the last 11 seasons.

Sure, our Monday nights may be missing the likes of Spencer and Lucy, but we’ve got a whole host of new characters and new relationships – and with that comes a fresh raft of awkward silences and bitchy confrontations.

So if you feel the need to drink through the discomfort, have no fear: these are the only rules you need to get right royally pissed during your Monday night MIC binge.

Drink one finger when:

There’s a lingering shot of railings

There’s a lingering shot of an aspirational street sign

There’s a lingering shot of a Bloody Mary being mixed

There’s a lingering shot of champagne being popped

Mark-Francis says something unbelievably bitchy

Mark-Francis says something you want to get crocheted onto a pillow

Someone says “Yeah boi!”

Someone says “Beaut”

Someone asks Frankie how things are with Jamie

Sam says “Maaaate”

Anyone rolls their eyes

Jamie and Frankie inappropriately kiss at the table

Jamie nervously chews on his sunglasses

Ollie dispenses some sage life advice

Louise cries

Someone mentions Cannes

Someone mentions LA

Someone mentions their pretend job

Someone stares wistfully out over the Thames

Drink two fingers when:

The cast start doing a pointless recreational activity, like mini-golf or paddleboarding

Frankie looks at Jamie like she absolutely fucking despises him

Sam does something absolutely adorkable, like playing an accordion or turning up in a golf buggy

Someone says “Silly beaut”

Jamie calls Proudlock “Pruders”

Proudlock calls Jamie “Jay”

Someone compliments Fredrik’s hair

Someone insults Jamie’s hair

JP says he’s actually a good guy

Francis mentions Ghana

A conversation ends, and Rosie has contributed absolutely nothing to it

A completely new character is introduced without context

Someone’s mum or dad is introduced

Jamie makes everyone leave a conversation so him and Mytton can chat

Someone gets slapped

Someone gets a drink thrown in their face

Binky mentions the countryside

Binky cries

Toff pulls any of these faces:

Drink for the entire duration of:

That fucking Rimmel advert

The awkward silence at the end of a terse conversation

The slow-mo establishing shot at the start of any party

Down your drink if:

A character from a previous season makes a dramatic reappearance

Julius or Fredrik start singing

A JP scene finishes without him mentioning “Binks”

Someone says “Pardy”