Donald Trump was the top result for #rapeculture during last night’s debate. Is anyone surprised?

At least he’s top for something

If you thought Donald Trump was going to issue a grovelling full and unreserved apology last night for that time he literally said he would “grab women by the pussy”, you were sorely mistaken. In fact he continued his paper-thin “locker room” excuse, dismissing the whole thing as “banter”.

At least though, if Hillary couldn’t spend the rest of the evening/rest of her life calling him out on that bullshit, the internet could. Thousands of angry women and men linking Trump’s argument to the epitome of rape culture appeared on Twitter, and at one point last night he was one of the top results for #rape culture – possibly the first time in his life Donald Trump has been top for anything.

Buzzfeed’s Tyler Kingkade tweeted about the result as rape survivors, activists, advocates and anyone with a soul continued to pour in, explaining why his comments were anything but “locker room banter”.

When cornered about his comments last night Trump said: “I apologise to my family and to the American people. Certainly I’m not proud of it.

“I hate it but it’s locker room talk and it’s one of those things.”