Escort offers students 30 per cent discount for her ‘services’ if they show their NUS card

She said: ‘If I don’t do it they’re going to go somewhere else’

A female escort who appeared on ITV’s This Morning, has said her services are a “sexual education” to students.

30-year-old Kat Lee has been seeing four to five customers every day as she travels across the country to university Fresher weeks. She told ITV presenters that she even offers students a 30 per cent discount on her services.

The escort, who was interviewed by The Tab last year, claims her services allow first year students who haven’t had sex to become more sure of themselves. Believing that students need to spend their loans on “worthwhile” things, she explained on This Morning: “They get confident. When you go to uni you get peer pressure don’t you. People are shy they pay me and I give them confidence…”

Kat argued that her services allow students to become more mature and avoid making serious mistakes: “If I don’t do it they’re going to go somewhere else. They’re going to go and sleep with people without protection and get someone pregnant”, she added.

She The Tab last year that she students come to her with low self-esteem: “I work hard to put them at ease. I am their sex teacher. I have had no complaints so far and often they leave with a big smile on their face.”

Kat: “I am their sex teacher”

She said that her clients come from a wide range of backgrounds, including international and disabled students: “I also had a booking with a disabled student who was brought to me by his best friend. He told me he couldn’t wait to lose his virginity… he said the sex was amazing and what better way to lose his virginity than with a lady who knows what she’s doing.”

Speaking to presenters on This Morning, she said students who show their NUS cards can receive a 30 per cent discount: “At the end of the day you get student discount on pizza so why not this?”

Asked how much a student would have to pay, she said her normal price was £130 but that the discount would mean “30 per cent off so £100” – however viewers quickly took to Twitter to point out it should be £91.

She admitted that over the last two weeks she has earned nearly £10,000 but was quick to emphasise: “half the money I earn goes to charity”.