Corbyn has what it takes to be our next Prime Minister – it’s time to back him

Before the coup he was ahead of the Tories in the national polls


I’m not a hardline leftie, but I like Jeremy Corbyn. Not love, but back him – and understand why others do too.

Seriously. Once you fight your way past the damning Tory rhetoric and malicious media coverage, and the diehard Corbynistas splurging their blind devotion all over social media, there is a common sense argument for him.

He is principled, defied the establishment for decades and performs positive politics. This resonates with voters – and importantly – with the apathetic and disengaged.

I also believe, contrary to popular opinion, these rare qualities could see him D-locking his bike to the railings outside No.10 on the morning after the next general election.

MP’s expenses, the “career politician” and the awful delivery of the EU Referendum by politicians across the parties has caused people to seek someone of long lasting principle. Corbyn is that person.

His beliefs – most of them unconventional – have lasted and stood strong. This is a stark contrast to the fleeting opinions and allegiances that change weekly within Westminster.

Countless photos of him marching arm-in-arm at demonstrations and the classic photo of his arrest for protesting outside the South African embassy in 1984 display his conviction.

Jez’s style and rhetoric is not mainstream either and possesses instead a charm and likeability. His sometimes scruffy appearance and unpolished – but still convincing – delivery of debate and policy add to his down-to-earth image.

It also helps that he supports popular policies such as abolishing tuition fees, nationalising the railway and anti-austerity politics. All this together has brought hundreds of thousands of passionate people into politics and to the Labour Party.

His followers are almost religious in nature and I believe this “Cult of Corbyn” could spread further. Remember, most religions started as cults.

But will this actually cause him to become PM of the UK though? Is he actually electable? Well, yes.

He’s been elected eight times as an MP and now twice as leader of the Opposition with a large majority. Clearly he’s getting good at getting and keeping a seat (as long as it’s not on a train…)

Last year he was elected with the biggest mandate any party leader has received in British history – to compare this, in the first ballot to become leaders of their party Jez obtained 60 per cent, David Cameron 28 per cent and Theresa May… erm… zero per cent.

National YouGov surveys showed Corbyn took Labour ahead of the Tories in popularity across three polls in a row over 41 days before the disastrous coup occurred. He achieved success in the council and by- elections,even though the press predicted failure every time.

Even yesterday, Labour gained three councils from The Conservatives and The SNP. Corbyn is not just retaining majorities, but gaining them across the country from his greatest opponents. Skeptics, you have no reason to be pessimistic anymore.

I have witnessed this popularity in person whilst reporting on one of his rallies in Essex. Despite the county being overwhelmingly right-wing, despite them electing UKIP’s only MP, Corbyn still somehow attracted hundreds to go see him speak on that evening.

At the end of the event, everyone scrabbled over to him for selfies, high fives and handshakes. One rally goer, upon leaving yelled “Essex backs you, Jeremy!”

In a single year, he has made the party that was blamed for the Iraq War and global 2008 recession the biggest party in Western Europe, and now bigger than every other party combined in the UK.

Even without this, he’s the perfect match to take on Theresa May. His soft, pleasant but effective presentation will only highlight the abrasive and brash conduct of the current PM. He was the winner of the last battle in the Commons with May over Grammar Schools, and will no doubt continue over following issues.

It will only be a matter of months, giving Labour MPs respect his leadership and don’t stage another amateurish coup, until Jez is back on top of the national polls and on course for Downing Street.

Don’t get me wrong, I know he’s not perfect. But who would you rather have? Ed Miliband – a man who could barely eat a bacon sandwich, let alone inspire a nation? Doddering Gordon Brown, or Tony Blair the warmonger?

Corbyn has charisma and long-lasting virtue. Everyone will see this by 2020, after eventually getting bored of the repetitive unfounded lashing-outs of the media.

There is no reason to be a skeptic anymore. Corbyn can win this for the Labour Party and the UK – all we need to do is back him.