Labour versus Tory: How these celebrities vote might surprise you

Obviously Gandalf votes Labour


The winner of the Labour leadership race will be announced tomorrow, and it’s looking likely to remain Jeremy Corbyn – a man whose cult of personality has catapulted him from near-nothingness to celebrity status.

Accordingly, Corbyn has already received the support of the likes of Martin Freeman, Charlotte Church and (oddly) Shia LaBeouf – yet he’s far from the first UK politician to receive star backing.

Here’s a selection of famous people who’ve come out as either Tory or Labour – some of them might surprise you.

Conservative: Craig David

Yeah, you read that right. In fact, Craig is such a fan of the party that he actively offered up his 2000 banger “Fill Me In” as the Conservative Party campaign song for the 2010 election.

They declined.

Labour: David Tennant

Everyone’s favourite Doctor Who has previously starred in a party political video for Labour, saying: “Britain succeeds when working people succeed.”

Conservative: Sir Michael Caine

Michael Caine abandoned Labour in 2009, saying: “I’ll probably vote Conservative. I mean, we’re in a terrible state whichever way you look at it, socially, financially and politically, so just give the other guy a chance.

“I don’t know what Cameron’s going to do, but in the end you vote out of desperation. You just have to have someone new and see what happens.”

Labour: Sir Ian McKellen

Sir Ian has specifically praised Labour for their focus on LGBT issues, saying: “I am impressed by the aims and commitments of Labour’s manifesto for LGBT people, particularly the appointment of Michael Cashman as an international LGBT Rights Envoy.

“Such initiatives cost little, yet help make the world a better safer place for us all.”

Conservative: Gary Barlow

Barlow joined David Cameron on his campaign trail in 2010, later that he’d be giving his backing to the Conservative party.

Cue much outrage among the British public, and the Telegraph headline: “Ed Balls claims Tories have enlisted Gary Barlow to attack Labour.”

Labour: Daniel Radcliffe

Harry Potter himself has recently thrown his weight behind Jeremy Corbyn, despite historically voting for the Lib Dems.

In an interview with the Big Issue, he said: “It is just so nice to have people excited about somebody – it seems to be more or less because they are excited about sincerity.

“I think we all suddenly realised that we are so used to politicians lying. Even when they are being sincere, it feels so scripted that it is hard to get behind them.”

Conservative: Vinnie Jones

Despite his man-of-the-people image, Vinnie Jones is a staunch Tory – even being forced at one point to deny rumours he was going to run as a Conservative MP.

Of his political leanings, he once said: ““I am very proud of being British, very pro the monarchy, and very Conservative.”

Labour: Tinie Tempah

Fun fact: Labour MP for Streatham Chuka Umunna used to be best mates with Tinie Tempah at uni, back when he was a garage DJ in Manchester.

Who said politics wasn’t cool?

Conservative: Julian Fellowes

In news which will probably come as a shock to absolutely no-one at all, the creator of Downton Abbey is a Tory peer in the House of Lords.

Labour: Sir Alex Ferguson

In an interview with the Mirror, then-Manchester manager Ferguson said: “I have never forgotten my roots and my basic beliefs are the same now as they were back growing up in Govan and working as a toolmaker.

“I may have had success and made a lot of money but I still have the same basic view of the world. Have Labour been perfect? Of course not. Have there been things I disagreed with? Yes, from time to time.

“But I know where the Labour Party’s heart is and it is in the right place.”

Conservative: Sol Campbell

Former England captain Sol is an outspoken Conservative and was a strong Brexit backer, even putting his name forward as a Tory candidate to be Mayor of London.

Labour: Robbie Coltrane

Yep, Hagrid is a Labour voter.