Everything growing up in Worcestershire really teaches you

There’s more than just the sauce

Worcestershire is a place like no other. Situated in the West Midlands and bordered by the great Malvern Hills, it has a rich history and has some of the friendliest people that you will ever meet. It’s famous for the best sauce you’ll ever try but it’s more than that, it’s a place to call home…

Hardly anyone knows where you’re from, unless they know The Sauce

You begrudgingly tell people that it’s near Birmingham which is swiftly followed by the very original ‘Ooooh BUUUUUURMINUMMM’ comment from said person. I mean, it’s close but not that close. The sauce is the thing we’re famous for – everyone knows it, although not everyone will love it. It’s versatile, intense and the staple for any dish. So far from boring then, Worcestershire adds a spice to your life.

The countryside is beautiful

Worcestershire is home to some of the best countryside walks and it becomes a family tradition to don your winter coats and venture out no matter the weather. The rolling hills of Malvern, Lickey Hills and the Wyre Forest . You’d go as part of a school trip to the local activity centre or your parents would force you to march up on a windy autumn day. Reaching the Malvern Beacon was an achievement like no other as you stand proudly gazing at the 13 counties in front of you.

the rolling hills of Malvern

The rolling hills of Malvern

Going to the local park was the only thing to do

Or the forest, or the benches, or anywhere that you could hide from the scowls of the local pensioners. There’s nothing else to do, it’s not your fault – and anyway the guy two years above you is giving you the eye and maybe if you chug the whole bottle of Frosty Jack’s, he’ll ask you out.

look at those fringes

Look at those fringes

Rowing competitions were the best weekends

Everyone would come from miles around to watch teams row against each other in the small river towns and get absolutely pissed whilst doing it. The best weekends were the ‘pub and club’ competitions where you actually knew people in the races and would camp in the local park even though you weren’t sure if it was illegal or not.


Public transport is dire

Getting anywhere is terrible and if you didn’t learn how to drive as soon as you turned 17, you either have to rely on the hourly buses to turn up on time or your parents’ good nature. Coming back home from uni is the worst when the nearest train station is at least 5 miles away and the buses barely run on the weekends.

West Midlands Safari Park was always a ‘special’ treat

It’s got white lions and elephants and like ‘wild’ animals that walk around. It’s over-priced and you’re not quite sure if it’s really better than a zoo but you can hear the lions roaring from your bedroom window and it was the first theme park that you ever went to. You go to the fireworks every year even though they’re not as good as used to be as the place holds a fondness in your heart.

the place of dreams

The place of dreams

Who wants to go to Alton Towers when you have Wild River Rafting at the safari park

Severn Valley Railway was a childhood favourite

The Severn Valley Railway was used in ‘The Chronicles of Narnia, ‘Sherlock Holmes’ and ‘Goodnight, Mr. Tom’ and it’s a pinnacle landmark to all. You’d sit in the carriage looking out of the window on the ride from Bewdley to Arley pretending that you were on your way to Hogwarts.

Severn Valley Railway trips were a family tradition

Severn Valley Railway trips were a family tradition

It always floods

Two rivers run through Worcestershire – the Severn and the Avon. As a result, it floods regularly and it’s always the top of the news when it does. If you were (un)lucky to live in one of the riverside towns, chances are schools would be closed and you’d know someone who had damaged property. What is it with Britain and not being prepared for the weather?

Worcestershire folk are one of a kind, often mistaken for ‘brummies’, there’s nothing better than coming home from university and hearing the midlands twang. It’s the place where J. R. R. Tolkein got his inspiration for ‘Lord of the Rings’ and if that’s not a good enough reason for it to be the best place in the UK, then I don’t know what is.