We asked Londoners to sum up Scottish people in three words

Classy? Really?

It’s common knowledge that Scottish people are mainly judged in terms of food and booze. Outsiders, and anyone south of the wall, picture our land as grey and cold and miserable. But some kind people in the capital actually like us. So we asked Londoners to describe Scots in three words, a task many of them failed to grasp.

Zoe, 34, Developer

“Passionate, classy and they like deep fried food”

Philip, 24, Inbetween jobs

“Cold, frugal, nationalist”

Hamzha, 25, Software Engineer

“Hardy, independent, opinionated”

Lily, 20, Fashion Intern

“Friendly, happy and they complain a lot”

Maddie, 25 and Rosie, 25, Dentists

Maddie- “They eat haggis, are always drunk and wear tartan.” Rosie- “They have beards, eat haggis and are from Edinburgh”

Antoine, 26, Bar Manager

“They have strong accents, they like rugby and are open-minded”

Edward, 43, Inbetween jobs

“I like them”

Ryan, 25, Business Development Manager

“Jokey, pale, tough”

David, 23, Architect

“Marvellous whiskey fellas”

Felipe, 21, Marketing

“They like whiskey, cold and tall”

Stephanie, 27 and Hannah, 25, both work in tech

Stephanie- “Pasty, friendly, all drink Iron Brew”
Hannah- “Deep fry everything”

Josephine, 23, Theatre Technician 

“Alcoholic, kind, warm”

India, 24, Actress

“Sexy in kilts”

Milly, 24, Reservations Manager

“Blunt, loud, not self-conscious”

Katie, 21, Film Company Intern

“Alcoholics, loud, talkative”

Victor, 26, Chef and Tes, 24, Barista

Victor- “Accent is weird”
Tes- “Funny, brave, weird in the best way”

Shanna, 30, Developer

“Lively, straightforward, fun”