Yes, I study Law. No, I’m not going to be your lawyer

And all the other stupid things you get asked if you’re doing a Law degree

Everyone knows that you only chose to study law because you wanted to get rich, or because you watched Suits once and decided you could easily do that. Right?

The actual reasons people choose to study Law are much more extensive than just watching Legally Blonde and wanting to be Elle Woods. Although, I’d be lying if I said part of me doesn’t want to be like her.

Law is a complex subject with many different paths to follow once you choose it as a career, so here is the definitive list of things shouldn’t say unless you really want to wind up a Law student.

Tread carefully, because we’re learning how to sue you.

When you ask a Law student a stupid question

‘You only chose Law because you want to be rich’

Actually, there are so many things you can do in Law and not all of them are going to make you millions.

Environmental Law or Human Rights, for instance – people choose to do these because they actually care. Yes, going into corporate or family will probably mean you never have to worry about money again, but with criminal your life will definitely be more fun.

We’re not all greedy but then again… dolla dolla bills y’all.

‘Oh, so you must know everything about the law – is *insert generic random action* illegal?’

Just because you study History doesn’t mean you know everything about the Battle of Chelsea Creek, and it’s exactly the same for us. The law has been developed over hundreds of years and some of it is really hard to follow.

Chances are if you have to ask about it, it probably is illegal. The law tends to follow common sense: R v Miller, am I right?

‘Can you be my lawyer?’

Erm, no. I’m just a student and first year tort isn’t going to help with your drunk and disorderly charge.

‘You must love to argue’

Just because I want to be a lawyer doesn’t mean I love arguing about whose turn it is to clean the kitchen. We actually study really hard to form concrete arguments – it’s not just about picking a random subject and forming a half-assed point.

Although I will happily draw up a contract and we can argue about that.

‘How can you defend a murderer?’

Just because we want to work in Criminal Law doesn’t mean we want to work as a defender. We can be the prosecution as well but, even if we choose to defend, the law isn’t black and white.

There are different shades of grey and as a lawyer it’s our job to make sure that justice is done. What if the CPS has made a mistake and they didn’t actually commit a crime?

‘But what if they admit to committing the crime?’

Well, then I’ll just do my job. Sometimes we have to do things we don’t want to either.

‘You must love Suits/How to Get Away with Murder/Silk’

Actually televised legal programmes might be good for entertainment but they tend to completely stray from the legal points, so it’s really frustrating watching them get the law wrong.

Especially when you’re suddenly an “expert” in my degree after watching a law-based drama once.

We don’t all want to be these guys

‘What do you think about Making a Murderer? Do you think they’re really guilty?’

I have no idea – I wasn’t a part of the case and haven’t read enough about it to form an opinion. Plus I’m too busy studying to think about it.