How to dress for a British seaside town

Whatever happened to Roxy

Living in a seaside town, you see your fair share of flip flops and board shorts. With holiday makers patrolling the roads making the walk from their campsite to one of the local beaches, you’re never short of seeing a pair of Animal or O’Neil trunks. Sunglasses too, of course: even when its overcast it seems to make us feel like we’re all on our holidays.

Jeans are a necessity as well. But you’ll only ever see them rolled up well above the ankles- not the most comfortable when soaked in sea water and wet sand. And although we’re surrounded by beaches and the sea: it’s still England after all, so hoodies and raincoats are vital.

It may seem cliché, but it is true that the colour that seems to dominant the wardrobe of someone who lives on the south coast is blue. It’s likely to see dots of blue and white stripes of bikinis and beach dresses along the seafront.

Flip flops and sandals are the obvious choice for most. Yet, some form of lace up trainers or plimsolls don’t go a miss either: as long as they’re branded by Fatface or Rip Curl. However, you can always spot a  city based uni student as they stay loyal to their Nike’s and New Balance .

Rishi Soneji, 20

Curt James, 18

Yasmin Bappoo, 19

Morgan Tilling, 20

Charlie Arden-Brown, 20

Lara Welton and Kiera Atkin, 18

Ellie Buckley, 19

Tom Kastilow and Jimbo Luckett, 18 and 19

Zoe Gordon, 18

Meggie Grady, 19