I tried the new ‘bare lashes’ trend

It’s where you wear a full face of makeup without mascara

This summer, bare lashes have been championed by the models of the Fashion Week catwalks around the planet.

I love make-up, I enjoy spending time on myself to look good. But going bare is a new trend used by many brands like Miu Miu, Burberry and Celine during SS16, so I wanted to give it a go.

Worldwide female icons like Adele and Beyonce have also been giving their eyelashes a break.

If it’s good enough for Beyonce, it’s good enough for me.

My makeup routine normally includes a lot of concealer, brow dip, nude lipstick and mascara. I wanted to try this style, which is essentially normal make-up without mascara. My eyelashes are pretty blonde so I was pretty hesitant about how this week would go.

Day one: Bare lashes with bold lipstick

On the first day I tried the bold lip look sported by the Miu Miu models at Paris Fashion Week. Mui Mui did, I can too.

Mui Mui used really dark red/purple ombre lips on their models, but I chose a brown colour because I believe that suits me more.

It was pretty shocking, I did full face make up including contour but when you look at my face it only seemed like I had lipstick on. Not necessarily a bad thing but where did that many products go?

Day two: Bare lashes with winged liner

Second day, I had (pretty risky) long eyeliner and it was a DISASTER. Let me tell you something eyeliner without mascara was not really a good appreciation. First of all I never wear an eyeliner like this without false lashes, so it looked like crap. I felt like I was naked, something was empty and I knew exactly what it was: my lashes.

So I learnt my lesson, no eyeliner. There wasn’t any classic eyeliner “sans mascara” on the runway, so I probably should have understood something from that. All looks that included eyeliner were more futuristic and not-so-daily-based liners, mainly because it was runway and that’s just fashion. So I just stood by with my normal make up routine, obviously not the mascara part. Well it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, I must say.

Day three and four: Less is more

After four days I was pretty used to not wearing mascara. It didn’t really bother me and I wore less of all the other makeup too.

Day five: Second attempt at winged eyeliner

After having my confidence back I gave eyeliner another go. But this time I kept my wing short. Well it worked, not as well as it would have with mascara but still not bad at all.

All in all, this week was not as bad as I assumed it would but however I cannot tell you how much I missed mascara. Makeup is great, but mascara is queen. May your days last long, but your lashes be longer my friends. I am never leaving mascara again, I miss you my love.

I personally believe that for any make up to pop, you need at least mascara – sometimes fake lashes are necessary too.


My finally comment would be that you can easily create dramatic looks using your lashes as a focal point, but creating any look without using your mascara is hard af.