A fitness model tells us how to keep in shape during Freshers’

Because those cheesy chips aren’t going to burn themselves off

Callum Melly was once a classic university student slob like you or me. Studying journalism at Southampton Solent, he’d go to a few hours of lectures a week and then spend the rest of his time drinking, eating, and having fun.

When his sluggish lifestyle began to drag, he decided to change things. In 2011, Callum decided to get into the best shape of his life. He did his research and fired up his stores of motivation.

Eight weeks later, he had transformed his body.

This is Callum now

The results astounded his friends and launched him into the career of a personal trainer. Not satisfied with the restrictions of a one hour a day system with his clients, Callum launched his own virtual gym trainer company “Body In 8” to provide a web based 8-week programme filled with training videos, expertise, and diet plans.

We spoke to Callum to ask for some tips on how freshers can stay in shape during the booziest year of their lives.

Hi Callum. What kind of diet should freshers stick to?

The key is to keep everything as clean as possible. Stick to lean protein meats like chicken, turkey and meat. Freshers are always in such close contact and illnesses spread so fast, so you need to get loads of vitamins and minerals in your diet to cleanse the body and keep yourself healthy as well.

Nothing is better for vitamins than vegetables. When it comes to these guys the frozen ones are the best. If you think about how far some “fresh” vegetables travel when we import them then it becomes obvious the frozen ones are the healthiest.

When you’re doing the groceries, stick to the perimeter – that’s where all the healthy stuff is. Steer clear of the centre of the shop, that’s where all the confectionaries and fatty foods are.

Also, avoid drunken kebabs at all costs. You are what you eat, it’s as simple as that.

Is it OK to drink loads on a night out?

Everything in moderation. Students are students and they’re obviously going to drink but don’t go overboard – alcoholic drinks can have so many calories.

I always try to make more healthy choices like vodka and diet lemonade, and keep things clean.

What kind of drinks should people avoid?

Avoid Jägerbombs or any energy drink and alcohol combinations. The energy drinks are going to speed your heart up and alcohol is going to slow it down which is obviously not a good combination.

It’s also smart to try and avoid sugary drinks like cider. The empty calories are going to go straight to body fat.

A before and after of Callum

How often should a busy fresher aim to go to the gym?

A one hour workout is only four per cent of your day and anybody can make the time available for that.

I think five times a week is a good amount of exercise and is easily achievable. I work full time but still find the time to go five times a week, so a uni student with a few hours of lectures per week could definitely do that.

Just some of the people who have taken Callum’s course

Any other advice?

The key is having a balance of resistance and cardio at the centre of your workout.

Change stimulus in the gym each week with different exercise routines so your body can’t adapt and continues to be shocked and improved.

Improving your body works on a supply and demand system. You demand the muscles to change by working out and then supply the demand with the right nutrition. If you invest in a structured nutrition programme with a challenging exercise routine over a long period you will see results.

You can access the Body in 8 website here.