How to nail a girls’ night out in Barcelona

According to people who live there


Everybody seems to be in Barcelona this summer. It’s known for its nightlife, but there’s so much to do that it’s actually quite hard to know where to begin. So we spoke to people who have lived in the city to find out the best way to spend your girls night out, from pre-drinks to dinner to how to end your night.


People don’t go out until pretty late in Barcelona, so there’s no point pre-drinking early. Get some Don Simon sangria from the supermarket to have while you’re getting ready. It’s literally a couple of Euros, tastes really good and is pretty strong too. Cava is also so cheap, so get a bottle if you’re feeling fancy.

What to wear

In the summer it will be ridiculously hot, so wear something you’ll be comfortable in. Anything goes really here, but if you want to stop by some nice bars it’s good to wear something a bit more dressy. The vibe is pretty much the Bershka or Zara TRF lookbook. Culottes, coloured slip dresses, feather-light bombers, dainty playsuits, backless tops, choker necklaces, denim skirts or anything khaki.

Heels are fine, but you’ll be walking on a lot of cobbled streets and sand, so go for mid/low sandals. Trainers are fine in most clubs too but they’ll make you hotter.

Pickpocketing is huge here – so bring a bag that you can keep close to you all the time. Rucksacks can be risky, unless they’ve got a secret pocket no one could get to. The best option is a cross-body bag that you can wrap around you. Keep your hand on it when you’re walking along the street, and on your lap if you ever sit down.

Go for tapas at el Xampaynet

This tiny reastaurant hidden in the Gothic Quarter is arguably the best place in the city for tapas. It’s always packed, so you may have to wait about half an hour for a table, but you can order a drink and stand by the bar outside. It’s really cheap too – pitchers of homemade Cava are €10 and the pan con tomate is amazing.

Get an ice cream or churros on the walk to the next bar

Because it’s really yummy.

Then head to Ovella Negra or Lime House to continue drinking on the cheap

Clubs don’t get busy until around one, so these two bars are your best option to carry on drinking without spending a fortune. In Ovella Negra, you can get five litres of beer or sangria for €25. Or head to Limehouse for €3 mojitos – they’re delicious and strong enough to just have two.

Pop into Chupitos shots bar

It’s quite a chilled vibe inside the previous two bars, so if you fancy somewhere more upbeat, go to Chupitos shot bar. They’ve got hundreds of shots on the menu, and make a real show out of making and drinking them too.

Use Xceed to find your night out

There’s so many different nights, parties and events going on in Barcelona and this app makes it really easy. It tells you everything that’s on that evening, and gives you discounted entry and promos too.

If it’s a Friday night you should head to Terreza – an incredible outdoor club in a castle setting in Montjuic.  If it’s techno you’re after, head to City Hall or Moog. If you prefer R&B and hip hop, Jamboree is your best bet, and there’s a really good bar next to it called Ocean where you can get some drinks before. If you want a bit of everything, Razzmatazz has so many different floors and rooms to stumble into.

Watch the sunrise on the beach

If you’re not too far, head to the beach when you leave to watch the sunrise. There’s quite a few clubs there so there’s always loads of people around, yet it’s weirdly peaceful.

How to stay safe

This stuff’s all pretty obvious, but you need to be really careful when you’re out in Barcelona. Never put your bag down anywhere, keep an eye on your drink at all times and try not to bring too many valuables out with you. Make sure you know some Spanish for directions and taxis – and always act like you know where you’re going even if you don’t.