Over 40,000 people have signed a petition to stop Fabric closing

It was started by one of their DJs

A petition started by resident Fabric DJ Jacob Husley to keep the world famous club from closing down has gained significant attention since it was started 17 hours ago.

After a string of drug related deaths this summer, Fabric’s licence was temporarily revoked by Scotland Yard. Following this, an upcoming review by Islington Borough Council on the 6th of September will decide if the club will be allowed to remain open.

Mr Hurley’s petition states that Fabric is “like a big family” and that “no matter how old you are, rich or poor, colour or gender, you are welcome in the club and you will be looked after.”

The petition references the welcome rolled out to a pair of elderly Polish clubbers in their 70s who famously visited the club while on their holiday a few months ago.

It goes on to describe the possible closure of the venue due to the drug deaths as “an incredibly short-sighted response to a complex problem.”

The petition has echoed sentiments from world renowned musicians Chase and Status who called for London Mayor Sadiq Kahn to respect his promise to keep London’s nightlife alive.

They wrote “Sadiq Khan it’s time to start doing the job you promised to us.”

Kahn has since replied, saying on twitter: “I’m urging #Fabric, the Met & Islington to find an approach that protects clubbers’ safety & the future of the club.”

As of now, the petition has 40,900 signatures.