Menthol cigarettes are no longer going to be banned in the UK

The one good thing to come out of Brexit

The ban on menthol cigarettes is to be scrapped after Britain voted to leave the EU.

The ban,which was meant to happen in 2020, was decided due to their “pleasant flavour” making them more attractive to young people.

However the UK government has now decided that it will not adhere to “meddlesome EU regulations”.

Last night the Department of Health told The Sun: “This is one of the many areas that the Government will want to consider carefully as part of the process of leaving the EU.”

Another ban being scrapped is that of television ads for junk food. This was created initially as an attempt to tackle obesity, but the UK government has decided that this, along with the cigarette regulations, is on the list of “nanny state” EU measures to be reviewed.

Christopher Snowden, of the Institute of Economic Affairs, said: “Brexit offers a great opportunity to get rid of unnecessary and meddlesome EU regulations.”

“Bans on menthol cigarettes, packs of ten and various types e-cigarette fluid never had any serious justification.

“Even David Cameron said he couldn’t understand why the EU wants smokers to buy more cigarettes.”

He added: “A great repeal bill should be drawn up and crazy laws like this should be on it.”

It was decided last night that the law for cigarettes to be sold in plain, uniform packaging is unlikely to be repealed.