We spoke to Deliciously Stella, everyone’s favourite hangover food inspiration

She’s got a slightly different way of doing ‘clean eating’ Instagrams

When you’re hungover, let’s face it, the last thing you want to do is look at pictures of chia and acai and hashtags about ‘eating clean’. Though you may be loathe to admit it, what you want is greasy, horrible hangover food. That’s where Deliciously Stella, also known as Bella Younger, comes in.

Nowadays with the rise of gluten free food, the obsession with avocados and incessant need to publish every bowl of porridge ever consumed, it is very refreshing to come across such a witty page as Deliciously Stella’s. The comic sensation made her fame through Instagram and is currently performing at the Fringe again from 16th August – 28th August. 

Branded by the Evening Standard as one of London’s Rising Stars and one of my personal favourite Instagram accounts, we spoke to her about her own personal brand of foodie grams, and what she’s doing next. 

How did it all start?

So basically I was working in Food TV and I was preparing my first Edinburgh show when I suddenly realised that nobody would come to watch me perform as nobody really knew who I was. So I thought I could make my Instagram really popular but then thought that it probably wasn’t going to happen so I thought I could make up a fake one as some sort of reaction to the clean eaters and it just went nuts, loads of people came to see my Edinburgh show. 

So this year hasn’t been your first year at the Fringe?

I did the Fringe for the first time last year, this is my second year and I’m currently in the middle of it now. 

How are you feeling about your upcoming performances? 

I have ten more! It’s a long month I’m feeling good, I’ve had my day off, it is absolutely exhausting but it’s all good, it is so much fun. The reaction has been really good, really amazing. People come in and you think that they have absolutely no idea about what they are going to see.

It is amazing because I really didn’t think that the kind of older gentleman type would get it because I thought they would go along thinking it was so funny but would they even know what courgetti is? No probably not. 

What would someone who has not seen you before expect to see at one of your performances?

They can expect a really silly character, lots of food and a lot of mess. There’s also a lot of audience interaction. It is generally me trying to confiscate all the food from the audience

Have you ever spoken to Deliciously Ella?

I’ve not actually no.

Do you have any idea what she makes of it?

I don’t actually, she’s never actually spoken publicly about it. But I imagine she’s a bit busy just you know, nailing all of her life.

What is your opinion of this modern trend of food bloggers who are very into clean eating?

I think in a way it has been good because it’s given loads of girls the ability to build their own brands and expand their businesses and it is very female dominated which I think is very cool. But I do think that deep down it is rooted in bad science and that’s not what I’m really about. 

A lot of food bloggers spend hours trying to get the perfect pic of their food, would you say that you’re that fussed of the aesthetic of your pictures or for you is it more about the caption?

It’s definitely all about the caption for me, aesthetics is not my bag, I’m not going to take twenty five pictures of whatever disgusting thing I have made but I just think that taking that many pictures of something and filtering it and fine tuning it sets an unrealistic precedent for normal women. The food is completely cold by the time you’ve posted it!

Also, people don’t wake up and make themselves a four tiered porridge bowl. You just have to think that so much of that stuff must not be eaten.

Would you say a lot of the Instagram posts are representative of your normal diet?

Absolutely not. I mean I do eat everything on there but I definitely don’t eat avocado and Haribo eggs. That would be disgusting, in fact I did eat it once and it was in fact disgusting. But I do gravitate towards all of those foods on my page. Like who doesn’t have a super noodle or a crisp sandwich?

Is meal prep essential to you or do you just throw it all together?

I would say on average it takes me about two minutes to make the meal, especially because the meal tends to just involve one disgusting item that I have found at the supermarket. I definitely just throw it all together.

What can we expect from you in the future? 

Well I have a book coming out on the 8th September, and it is going to be really great and I am super excited. But hopefully I will be doing more shows, hopefully after Edinburgh I intend to a few shows in London and ideally I would love to write a Deliciously Stella sitcom. 

I can’t stress enough how much I want there to be a cooking show. Bella’s ironic Instagram page was rated by MTV Online as ‘the most honest (and hilarious) Instagram accounts.’ With Bella’s overwhelmingly fast recognition by the world of comedy it is hard to imagine what she isn’t capable of. Bella Younger is all of our uni food feels. 

If you wish to follow Bella and all of her future successes her Instagram name as you may have guessed is @deliciouslystella. She’ll be performing at the Edinburgh Fringe until 28th August, visit pleasance.co.uk for tickets.