This couple met on Yik Yak and are now in a long-term relationship

They’ve been together for eight months

Thanks to dating apps like Tinder and Happn and Bumble, meeting someone online is more acceptable than it used to be. But Erin and Colin took it one step further by striking up a relationship through the anonymous messaging app Yik Yak.

This wasn’t through responding to requests for Netflix and chill or blatant booty calls that often clog up the feed, they struck up a friendship that eventually developed into a relationship that has been going strong for eight months.

Yik Yak can be a weird place sometimes, but Erin and Colin’s story is proof that the app isn’t just a place for the weird things that people feel they can’t say on other sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Here’s Erin and Colin’s “Yik Yak story”, as Erin describes it, telling the tale of their relationship from the very first Yak.

Colin and I met on Yik Yak officially when I posted about getting annoyed by my hair in my face all the time. He replied that he’d love to help me out by brushing my hair out of my face.

However, we’ve found out since then that we were talking to each other before that on posts about being cheated on. From this post we ended up exchanging Snapchat usernames and talking through there.

He was an incoming freshman and I was a junior. Both of us were going through breakups that had resulted from our partners cheating. I had been with my ex for three and a half years so I was a mess, and all of my friends had never been in relationships so I felt really alone. That’s where Colin came in, because he was going through the same thing as me and I felt more comfortable talking with someone who understood. I’d usually really struggle with things at night and Colin was usually up, so that helped.

A few weeks into us talking through Snapchat we met up for lunch on campus because he was having a rough patch with his friends and didn’t have anyone to eat with. I remember heading over to Cavern once we’d made lunch plans and how nervous I was to meet him. I got there first and was sitting at one of the tables by the entrance when I saw him come through the door waiting in line and he waved at me in his awkward nerdy way and got his food. We sat down together and were both visibly nervous and awkward, but we tried hard to make conversation, which was enough to get us through.

At first being together in person was really odd and awkward, but the next time we were together we went hiking and it was a little more comfortable because it was just the two of us. It was casual and I wasn’t looking for a new relationship after everything that I’d gone through in the past month, so we stayed friends for a few months going hiking together, seeing movies, going out to eat, and to the mall. From what he’s told me since then we were both falling for each other, you can see it in this screenshot where I’m the original poster and he’s the first commenter, with both of us talking about one another.

As far as our presence on Yik Yak after we first connected, it usually amounted to us commenting on posts trying to help others who had been cheated on or arguing with ones who were posting about cheating. He’s also obsessed with Batman and making puns so when I’d see any of those on Yik Yak I’d message him and call him out on it. As we’ve discovered over the past year, we talked to each other on Yaks a lot of the time without knowing it.

I still find it really interesting that we kept connecting and talking about various things through Yik Yak without realising we were talking to each other. We’ve now been together for what will be eight months on August the 24th. We first started talking on Yik Yak and Snapchat sometime in early to mid September 2015.


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