Why is everyone going to Budapest?

Pints are £1.20

As hundreds of students inter rail over the summer Budapest is quickly becoming the favourite destination of what Europe has to offer. Its popularity is mostly down to the fact it is so cheap, hostel prices start at €12, and with an easy subway system its a no-brainer inter rail destination. For a city break to Budapest with flights and hotel you’ll never pay over £200.

This is cheaper than what most people would pay for a weekend away to Cornwall or Scotland in the UK, not only is it one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, you’re also pretty much guaranteed hot weather.

Ruin Pubs

Ruin pubs are a speciality in Budapest. They are usually in abandoned or rundown buildings, cellars and basements in downtown Pest that have not been renovated but instead re-designed by contemporary artists. Szimpla Kert is the most famous ruin pub in Budapest. It basically looks like they have gathered as much as they can from a junkyard and created art out of items that would be rubbish for everyone else.

Old hairdresser dryer chairs, ladders and bath tubs are all re designed for seating. Abandoned telephone boxes have gas masks and plants growing in them, similar to something you would see in the Tate Modern the bar itself is a one big work of art.

What is also amazing about Szimpla being a huge tourist hotspot, is that it is really cheap! A pint of their own draft Szimpla beer is £1.20. A double vodka coke is £2.10. What they save on bar furniture and decoration by reusing recycled items is probably what allows Szimpla to be so cheap.

The architecture

Whether its an Opera hall, a bridge, a McDonald’s or the Houses of Parliament every single building is so delicately hand crafted with its arched windows and gothic towers you could dedicate one whole day to admiring the architecture.

The art work

Art work by local artists is everywhere in Budapest. Hidden down every single crevice and underground the city is thriving with art. Usually juxtaposed with Georgian buildings, the modern artwork gives the city an edgy vibe.

Views for days

Everywhere in Budapest has a view. With bridges stretching across the Danube river and panoramic rooftops you can take it all in at once. The views Budapest has to offer is definitely something that you will never get bored of.

Baths, baths and more baths

Trailing around Europe can be tiring, there are only so many squares and statues you can see within a month. Luckily, Budapest has spa’s and bath’s to chill out in after viewing these and all tourist hot points are close together.

Shoes on the Danube river – the shoes of those who were shot in the Danube river during World War II.