Things every Jeremy Corbyn supporter is tired of hearing

Nope, I’m not stuck in the last century, thanks for the concern

Last year Corbyn fever plagued the nation, and it’s only gotten worse since the Labour coup. Try not to panic though if
all of a sudden your friend has joined momentum [the left wing political organisation supportive of Jeremy Corbyn] and asks what you think about nationalisation over lunch. Some political discourse never hurt anyone right?

I am one of those friends. A self-confessed Corbynista, and like many other Jez-supporters, I’m sick to death of hearing the same tired old arguments regurgitated at me. Arguments like these:


Stop trying to make use go back to the 1970’s, it’s the 21st century

Corbyn supporters are really tired of this one, trust me. It’s the first time in a long time the left has been given any voice at all in British politics, and they’re not unaccustomed to being ridiculed and dismissed as nonsense. Yet I can’t stand for the fact that basic ideas of creating a more just society and reducing inequality is something that is outdated.

Nope, its something Britain desperately needs, instead of just pointing to immigration as the root cause of all our ills, we need policies for the people. We need politicians to realise they work for us, not to cut welfare and claim extortionate expenses at the same time, not telling us to live within our means while cutting tax on the richest.

He’s weak

With nothing but plastic ‘centre’ ground politicians for the last three decades, Corbyn is really a breath of fresh air. Even if you passionately disagree with his policies, you can’t accuse him of being a career politician. A man who’s spent his entire life fighting for the social justice causes he believes in. He was also right about Iraq and you can’t say that about many Labour MPs. He doesn’t abstain from voting on Tory welfare cuts either.

Jeremy Corbyn is not weak, in fact he’s one of the few politicians who isn’t afraid to actually say what he thinks. It’s just that integrity in an MP is so foreign to us, we can’t recognise it and instead call him weak. Why? Because he doesn’t want to make a snide jab during PMQS. Personally, I’d hope our politicians were concentrated on something a bit more serious than writing the best roast of their peers.

You’re so naive! It’s a nice idea but just not possible


Well, if we all voted Corbyn in, it’d be very much possible. No meaningful change will ever happen if we all give up before we even try. Corbyn’s movement is a movement for the people, for the 99 per cent. Really, you’re only playing yourself if you like his policies and still refuse to support him.

You socialists are ruining the Labour party

Tell that to Keir Hardie, thanks. The lengths the right of the Labour party will go to in order to keep Corbyn and the other leftists from succeeding is extraordinary. Make up your mind, you want young people to get involved in politics? Pro-tip, don’t call them nasty things, it’s really not helpful.

It’s a cult


I mean no, it’s really not, but there’s some truth to this. The more the media is biased against him, the more the Labour party itself turns against him, with a Labour mp standing up in parliament to thank Theresa May for insulting Corbyn, the more we see active obstacles placed in his way, such as the new members ban on voting, the more the support rallies around him.

It is by no means about the man himself, but for all that he has come to represent, there’s a growing fear that if Corbyn fails, that’ll be the last of the left for a long long time.

Befriend a Corbynista today, we’re not so bad.