Meal Deal Talk has started a petition to keep meal deals under £3

129 signatures and counting

Admins from the Facebook group, Meal Deal Talk, have started a petition to keep the British lunch under £3.

Addressing former Prime Minister, David Cameron, the petition asks that there is no further inflation in the price of the classic supermarket sandwich/crisps/drink combo.

The petition on

The petition founder, Max Phillips, has expressed a concern that we will see “society crumble” should the price of the “beloved meal deal continue to rise”.

Despite only having 129 signatures at the time of writing, the petition, ‘Create a UK standard cap for Meal Deals to be sold at £3 or less’, is likely to grow. It is being shared on the Meal Deal Talk Facebook group, which has 216,385 members.

The Facebook group cover photo

The Facebook group involves discussions in which members rate each other’s meal deals. Those deemed to have poor taste are often “roasted”, with comments such as: “Nothing shouts I’m a pompous prick trying to be cultured like eating sushi for a meal deal, just have a sandwich like the rest of us you cunt”.

The group are now even selling their own branded merchandise, perhaps we will be able to afford a t-shirt if the price of a meal deal stays under three quid.

If you are interested in keeping the price of the meal deal low, and believe “the meal deal isn’t just a deal, it’s a way of life”, then sign the petition and get it up to its aim of 200.