We rated Londoners’ choice of meal deal, and most aren’t very adventurous

Real life Meal Deal Talk at Liverpool Street

Thousands of Facebook users are on a quest to present their perfect Meal Deals to the world, under the Facebook group “Meal Deal Talk.” It’s become as contentious an issue as Brexit, Trump and the Olympics. It’s the biggest decision you’ll make all day, but how will you match your sandwich to your crisps to your drink.

Rachel, 31, Digital Marketing 

“Definitely a Boots egg salad sandwich, some walkers baked crisps and a fruit juice.”

A solid 3/10. What were you thinking Rachel mixing eggs with a fruit juice? This is all wrong on so many levels.

Enis, 22, Chemical Engineer 

“I would 100% go to M&S for one. Tomato and basil pasta pot, a slice of cheesecake, and then keep it simple with water.”

This guys fancy, he knows his stuff. It says it all he goes to M&S for his meal deal, Chemical Engineering is clearly a good job to get into. 8/10.

Emma, 21 & Helen, 24, bartenders

Emma: “Sushi, an innocent smoothie and a rice paper roll.”

Helen: “A classic BLT, sparkling water and carrots and hummus.”

Emma’s meal deal 0.5/10. Sushi is just impractical to eat, and what the fuck is a rice paper roll Emma? The .5 is purely because of the innocent smoothie.

Helen gets a rating of 6/10, she’s kept is simple yet satisfying. But does anyone actually like sparkling water? Is this a thing?

Millie, 18, violinist & Ella, 15, student

Millie: “Sweet chilli chicken wrap, doritos and a regular coke.”

Ella: “Hoison duck wrap, chilli heat wave doritos and a regular coke as well.”

Both of these get a 7/10, always popular never left in Tesco after 1pm, good choices.

Will, 18, singer

Will: “Duck hoison wrap, mango fruit pot, and a coke.”

3/10, mixing hoison sauce with fresh mango!? Nope.

Rachel, 26, Events Manager & Josh, 26, Golf Caddy on the European tour 

Rachel: “Definitely a duck wrap, chilli sensation crisps and an iced tea.”

Josh: “Chicken fajita wrap, salt and vinegar McCoy’s and an Irn Bru.”

Rachel we rate this 4/10, just a plain duck wrap. The crisps after this is just too dry. That iced tea ain’t gonna quench your thirst.

Josh’s meal deal 3/10 for originality. What shop do you go to to buy a chicken fajita wrap that is involved in a Meal Deal? Salt and vinegar crips? Would you have them with your fajita night at home Josh? An Irn Bru, thats just generally really weird.

Christine, 38, IT in banking

“A noodle salad, a slice of cake and a fresh orange juice.”

3/10, a noodle salad Christine, really? You’ve redeemed yourself with a slice of cake. Acceptable any time of the day.

Jess, 22, graduate, Molly, 22, student & Nova, 21, student

Jess: “Chicken baguette, an iced coffee and a Mr. Kipling lemon slice.”

Molly: “Chicken salad wrap, an iced coffee and a brownie.”

Nova: “Chicken caeser salad, bottle of water and a dairy milk.”

All of these Meal Deals are 5/10, simple but with those right flavour combinations. Not that exciting though.

Owain, 30, Marketing manager 

“Well, I would go to my Sainsbury’s local. A taste the difference ham hock sandwich, I think it has pickle in. Some of the new ritz salt and vinegar crisps and an innocent smoothie.”

Owain, you’ve smashed a 9/10. This guy knows his stuff, his gone for the ‘Taste the difference,’ range, Owain does not mess about.

Kenzie, 21, student, Emily, 21, student & Allie, 19, student 

Kenzie: “Chicken salad sandwich, a lemonade, some salt and vinegar crisps.”

Emily: “A salad pot, cheese twist and an iced coffee.”

Allie: “Turkey sandwich, an iced coffee and either barbecue or salt and vinegar kettle chips.”

Kenzie’s a 5/10, a bit basic a bit boring. Emily we rate yours 6/10. You’ve gone for the lunch time option of cheese and coffee, you’ve got your head screwed on.

Allie, yours is just weird. 1/10. You’re mixing turkey, a Christmas meat with barbecue flavoured crisps, a summer meat. You’ve fucked it.

Almaz, 25, English teacher 

“M&S cheese and pickle sandwich all the way, salt and vinegar crisps and an innocent smoothie.”

Almaz deserves a rating of 6/10, you can’t really fault her choice but it’s nothing special.

Helen, 24, IT Consultant & Tom, 26, Business Analyst 

Helen: “Chicken, bacon and stuffing sandwich, salt and vinegar McCoys and a diet coke.”

Tom: “Exact same, but red bull, not diet coke.”

We give you both a rating of 4/10, Tom you let the team down with you’re Red Bull.

James, 21, Investment Banker 

“Sushi, smoky bacon crisps and a 7up.”

2/10. If you’ve gone out of your way to buy Sushi, you don’t then go buy smoky bacon crisps. Are you an investment banker or a labourer? Make up your mind James.

Suzie, 19, student 

“Pesto pasta pot, innocent tropical bubbles drink, propercorn sea salted every single time.”

6/10. Susie you’ve done well. The innocent bubbles drink let you down, innocent smoothie all the way. Also sweet and salty over salty every single day.

Siobhan, 21, student 

“Chicken & sweetcorn sandwich, tropicana and a wispa bar.”

This is a 6/10. There’s a heatwave in London why are you buying a chocolate bar?