No, there isn’t going to be a Harry Potter Go app

It was a hoax

Remember when Pokémon Go hadn’t even launched in the UK and yet you were changing your phone settings to Australian, without a care in the world that you wouldn’t be able to legally buy apps again? Not giving a shit that your alarm now wouldn’t wake you up because your iPhone functions solely on Australian time?

Well, less than two weeks after the official UK Pokémon Go launch came unrelenting rumours of a similar Harry Potter themed app. And you, already forgetting about your Squirtle like the Nintendog you haven’t fed in six years, were excited for it, weren’t you?

Cosmopolitan, NME and Unilad all told you there was going to be a Harry Potter Go app. But we’re sorry to disappoint you. It isn’t happening, and there won’t be a chance for you to hunt down a moaning Myrtle.

This morning it was revealed be a hoax, with a spokesperson from Warner Bros confirming the rumours that Niantic had acquired the rights to an ‘augmented reality Harry Potter app’ were false.

It seems like the hoax came from popular troll websites, which generate fake news stories for shares. However, before the hoax announcement was made, #WeNeedHarryPotterGO began trending, with thousands of tweets in support.

The stories claimed Niantic, the makers of Pokemon Go, had acquired the rights for a similar Harry Potter venture. They cited an interview between a non-existent senior developer and IGN, which doesn’t exist either.

Regardless of the public support, it doesn’t look like it’s happening. However, mega nerds, there may still be light at the end of the chamber of secrets. The aforementioned Warner Bros spokesperson did offer some hope for fans though.

“While we do not have any announcements to make, we do listen to our fan base and will continue to explore opportunities that make sense for our brands.”