How much of a shit housemate are you?

Take our quiz to find out

University is often the first time any of us have ever lived away from home for a significant period of time.  Couple that with a different postcode, absence of responsible adults and complete autonomy and you’ve got the perfect recipe for an absolute shit-tip of a flat.

Only then do you find out who you really are – whether you can cope with the mess of others, how you deal with the tricky negotiations around cleaning up.  Like it or not, the toilet roll has got to be bought; no doubt any of us who’ve experienced second year and beyond are familiar with the concept of having your own personal stash that stays locked/hidden in your bedroom.

But how good are you really?  Are you too passive – or passive-aggressive?  Maybe you kind of know already and maybe you don’t – clearly this definitive, highly scientific quiz is the only way to know for sure.