Food or sex? We asked millennials which they’d choose

A new report says 18-24 year olds prefer dinner to sex

Hoverboards, avocado and craft beer are all on the long list of things millennials like. But if the stats are to be believed, there’s one thing they don’t enjoy any more.

Yes, apparently millennials prefer dinner to sex. A report released by Havas Worldwide this week revealed 54 per cent of Millennials, classed as people aged 18-25, think “eating can be just as pleasurable as sex,” with 42 per cent of women and 26 per cent of men saying they’d choose “an excellent dinner” over sex.

So are the Pokémon Go generation really putting meals before missionary? We headed down to Brick Lane, home of Shoreditch’s much-maligned cereal café and a swathe of the city’s media-savvy millennials, to ask them (and a couple of wannabes) if they’d choose dinner over sex.

Strahan, 18, Model

“Food. You’re guaranteed pleasure, so I choose food.”

Sonny, 22, Silversmith

“The sex isn’t as guaranteed as the food. But I have a missus, so I’d say sex first then go out for dinner after.”

Elpha, 22, Student

“Food. Maybe like a mousse. Mousse over sex.”

Hayley 21, Student

“Food. Maybe something creamy?”

Summer, 22, Student

“Probably sex. I’m not really a big eater, and I don’t like chocolate that much so it’s not that I love sex, I’m just not big on food.”

Alessandro, 26, Jiu Jitsu Fighter

“Food when you need to eat, but I prefer sex. You need food and water but you also can’t survive without sex.”

Ronnie, 19, Student

“I don’t know. There’s a lot of options in London for food. Five Guys is definitely better than sex.”

Amy, 23, Works at Eddie Stobart

“I don’t know. Food at the moment, yeah.”

Gill, 27, Freelancer


Cian, 26, Freelance stylist

“I kind of agree with the study. With food I know what I’m getting. Whereas sex – I don’t know the person, I don’t know what they’re into. Food is always going to be pleasurable.”

Thomas, 39, Photographer

“My favourite food, or sex? I choose sex.”