We asked people what they’re most insecure about

You’re insecure, don’t know what for

Naked Attraction broke a wall the other night. Viewers sat uncomfortably while naked bodies confidently sprawled across their screens, but it became clear that contestants baring balls, bushes and tushes were overcoming their fundamental insecurities by doing just that.

With that in mind, we got personal with the city-dwellers in Shoreditch, London, and asked them what their biggest insecurities are – fully clothed.

Griff, 20

“Not knowing what I’m going to do with my life, whether I should carry on doing what I’m doing or do something meaningful.”

Joel, 26

“Maybe not knowing if i’m in the right job, or if i’m doing the right thing?”

Kolerun, 29

“I’m insecure about dying. Like, nervous. I wasn’t like that when I was younger, It’s just an insecurity that’s come as I’ve grown older.”

Gudrun, 29

“My mental health. Having an accident and having a brain injury. I used to work with people who suffered brain injuries and were disabled, and I told my parents if that happened to me just to let me be.”

Sam, 28


Balan, 28

“Being like my dad. It’s inevitable but still…”

Steph, 22

“I don’t like my feet.”

Hannah, 24

“I don’t like my forehead.”

Laura, 22

“My legs.”

Jryd, 21

“That I don’t know what to do in life.”

Ronnie, 20

“I don’t like my teeth.”

Dev, 21

“How skinny I am. I don’t feel very comfortable in my own body.”

Rachel, 23

“Not being good enough at my job.”

Mariana, 27

“That I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow- thinking about that makes me anxious sometimes.”

Edna, 19

“My family, the future, if something happened to my close friends.”