Cosy gals: How to work loungewear as outerwear

Imagine how comfy everything would be though

So, I’m incredibly lazy and sometimes the thought of putting jeans on makes me want to go back to bed altogether. Branded tracksuits are a fashion faux pas, but wooly, cashmere track pants are the perfect alternative to leggings. Luxe loungewear is the ish. It’s cosy, warm and comfy, but it also suggests you’ve showered today.

But loungewear can be incredibly expensive – who has £400 to spend on a Topshop tracksuit? – so here are some more affordable options. Anyway yeah: flared trousers make your butt look good the higher they’re pulled up, so let’s make 2016 the year of the camel toe, y’all (see below).

I got this pair aaaages ago from Miss Selfridge and wore them non stop but the material was a bit itchy and I wanted an upgrade:


I’d never set foot in a GAP before until they had a big closing down sale and I was like ‘eh, plain white tee shirts are always a good idea’. But they also had these rad grey comfy bottoms, which you can definitely wear outside.

Top: New Look

Jacket: Topshop

Trousers: GAP

Trainers: Adidas

Bag: Alexander Wang


ASOS also produced some excellent-butt-making flares. They’re light grey and thick, heavy material, high waisted and comfy and all round fabulous.

Coat: Primark

Fur scarf thing: Miss Selfridge (add to any coat for that coveted pimp effect)

Top: All Saints

Trousers: ASOS

Trainers & Bag as above

So yeah. Can we abolish jeans, like, forever?

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