Fresher who created petition to preserve Erasmus scheme already has over 11k signatures

The future of the international programme is in jeopardy due to Brexit

British students wishing to take an Erasmus-funded placement year sit in uncertainty after it was announced the scheme is unconfirmed to carry on after 2017, due to the Brexit vote.

First year International Business and German student, Ryan Ball, began a petition calling to maintain Erasmus. So far, is has already received over 11,000 signatures- a figure which guarantees a government response.

The petition outlines how Ryan, like thousands of other British students, faces losing the funding promised to him prior to admission onto his course. More importantly, as a placement year is crucial to many international-based courses, the decision to disband from the programme could drastically affect the career goals of students, himself included.

Ryan, who studies at Aston University, said: “One of the primary reasons for choosing my course was because of the integrated placement year. I wanted to study a course that would give me a truly international outlook. I made this clear in my personal statement when applying to university.

“Erasmus funding is absolutely vital for those looking to study or work abroad and many wouldn’t be able to utilise the fantastic opportunity that a year abroad provides without Erasmus. I didn’t want an issue that affects so many young people to be brushed under the carpet – especially considering that young people voted overwhelmingly to remain.”

With the number of signatures hastily rising, the goal of 100,000 seems like a realistic achievement- after which the petition will go forth to be considered for debate in parliament. Ryan has also drafted a letter to his local MP and hopes he’ll inspire other students to follow his lead.

You can support Ryan’s petition here. You can also keep updated on Twitter following the hashtag #KeepErasmus.