Scorcher style: How to stay fashionable in the heatwave

Pool sliders are key

For weeks we’ve been moaning about the summer and when it was coming – and then it did come, all at once, and we didn’t know how to cope with it. While most of us are melting into our sofas and getting painfully sunburnt, these guys are nailing heatwave fashion. How do they do it?

Francesca, 23, Fashion designer

“I’ve just come back from Italy, where I’m from, so this heat is not really noticeable to me.”

Luke, 33, Graphic designer

“We need to all enjoy this weather while it lasts.”

Noisette, 23, Waitress

“It’s fucking hot. Like me.”

Ayisha, 24, Model and stylist

“I hate the heat. I’m too hot and I’ve got too much work to do.”

Dani and Jasmine, 18, students


“Fuck, it’s hot. Wish I’d brought my sunglasses.”

Kevin, 39, works at American Express

Natalie, 22, student and Lana, 27, Events manager

Nicole, 28, admissions advisor

“I love it. I’m on a day trip from Brighton and the weather really makes it feel like a holiday.”

Anushka, 29, teacher

Rob, 35, project manager

“I’m Australian so I fucking love this weather! I’m just out for a walk to get some sun because I’ve been stuck working at home all day.”

Kelly, 21, Fashion student at Florida State University

“I’m used to it because I go to Florida State but yesterday it felt even hotter than Florida. It is especially difficult because no one has air conditioning in London.”

Katlyn, 19, Fashion student at Florida State

“I suggest wearing very light clothes to keep cool because otherwise it’s unbearable.”

Hemes, Sophie and Felistas, 19, students

Milo, 30, works at Boxpark

“I’m from Colombia so it’s quite normal for me but I do really like it. It’s much better than rain or really any other weather.”

Alex, 23, Student

“I can see why some people don’t like it but I don’t mind sweating a little bit. It’s all good.”

Joel, 28, works in Boxpark

“I like the hot weather, any excuse to wear shorts. It’s like the weather in L.A and I would like to move there one day. But it’s my favourite weather when it’s like this because everyone’s in a good mood and always smiling.”