I tried out the most bizarre beauty routines from celebrity gossip websites

Does this mean that we will look like Jessica Biel now? JT where you at?

We all want to look like celebrities, and there are plenty of glossy magazines and entertainment blogs which all claim to hold the inner secrets of celebrity beauty secrets, ready to change your life forever. Upon closer inspection though, it’s weird that so many of these top secret beauty trends just involve putting various different foods on your face. Weird right? So, with a few friends, I decided to tryout the most bizarre “definitely-tried-by-celebs” beauty routines online, to see if they made any difference at all.

Jennifer Aniston’s lip secret

Sources claim that Jennifer gets her perfect pout by mixing half a tablespoon of water and sugar and rubbing it onto her lips for a minute. It is suppose to replicate a mini lip exfoliation but does not cost half as much as buying a purposeful kit. Kim Kardashian also applied sugar to her body wash in the shower to use it as an exfoliation. So we decided to give it a try.


You have to mix the sugar and water together to form a sticky paste, then you can either use your finger or a toothbrush dependant upon how intense you want your exfoliation.

The result

In theory this does make sense and I feel like if I did have drier lips then you would of seen more a result. If you do have dry lips though then I would recommend this as an alternative to an overpriced gloss or branded option that will probably do the same thing.

Scarlett Johansson’s radiant skin

Before she attends a big event if Scarlett has any red spots or if she feels her skin is dull then apparently she applies fresh lemon juice to her skin. She says that it does sting but it brightens her skin and makes it feel tighter. I gave it a go.


The preparation was a bit of a mess, as you can see above. Once squeezed out, I used a cotton wool pad to apply the lemon juice to my face.

After (apologies for my wonky eyelashes they have been on for three weeks and did survive Glasto)

So Scarlett was right – it did sting. It felt very weird putting it on and sitting with the lemon juice on my face but on the upside, it did make my skin feel tighter and look brighter. I wouldn’t recommend doing it regularly though – it literally feels like you’re burning your face off.

Halle Berry’s toned and tight thighs

Supposedly Halle gets her cracking thighs and perfect figure by coffee to her body wash when in the shower in order to avoid cellulite. You’re supposed to apply it to you thighs or you bum with a body brush while in the shower then leave it on for ten mins and wash it off. You’ll obviously get the best results over time as I can’t imagine it being an immediate thing.

Coffee and some sassy body wash.

Before (please ignore my shorts and bruise)

Could this double up as a fake tan?

The result.

Don’t get me wrong, Halle Berry is great but I don’t feel that using coffee on your legs will actually make them look better, you’ll probably just smell of coffee and be slightly tinged brown. Maybe just leave your coffee for your morning beverage.

Jessica Biel’s beautiful skin

Jessica Biel is fit and married to Justin Timberlake – she obviously makes good life decisions. Apparently she swears by the avocado face mask which is basically just putting avocado on your face.

Mush the avocado into a paste.

Rachel’s experience with the face mask was fairly messy. It wasn’t easy to apply to the face and once on it began to dry and sting, after she washed it off her face then felt pretty itchy too so maybe we should just leave the avocado on your plate and not the face.

Lauren Conrad’s flawless eyes

One website claimed you could get Lauren Conrad’s glowing skin and fresh face without living the LA lifestyle – you just have to put refrigerated potatoes on your eyes to stop them getting puffy.

Apply the refrigerated potato slices to the eyes for around ten minutes.

As we predicted potatoes aren’t the best for your eyes. After several minutes they began to sting which we originally thought that it meant that they were working. They were not. You just look like a bit of a plank for 10 mins.

Kate Moss’ refreshing solution

Kate Moss is the queen of partying and she manages to keep her skin looking like she has had a solid eight hour night by dunking her face in ice cold water with cucumbers in. This does sound super refreshing and would certainly wake you up if you were hungover.

Try not to get it up your nose.

To really get the full effect you have to submerge your face in the water for as long as you can hold your breath, do it as many times as you want if you’re really hanging.

Fresh faced and beautiful, the best way to wake you up.

Out of all of the ones we tried this was the one we would most likely try again. Admittedly, it’s not confirmed as good for your skin, but it does make you feel refreshed and awake. I will be using this on a Monday morning to get me ready for the day, feeling fresh af.

Lisa Rinner’s plump pout

Who wouldn’t want to jump on the big lips trend? To be fair Lisa’s lips have always been very big and they are finally coming into their own. Along with a lot of fillers Lisa keeps her lips plump by applied cinnamon to her lips. A warning to you all – this will make you choke and it does hurt.

Get you powder ready.

Apply to the lips, use water if you want to apply more and you’re struggling with getting it to stick.

Megs plump pout after a lot of pain

My lips don’t look any different they just hurt

This is definitely not worth the pain of nearly choking to death and then having paid on your upper lip and lower lip. There is a lot of stinging and not much benefit. Also it’s not healthy to burn your lips regularly even if you do want an excellent pout.

There’s only one conclusion after this experience – celebrities, and gossip sites, they lie to us. They probably spend thousands on top notch dermatologists and treatments, and that’s why they look so great all the time, not because they’re rubbing food on their face. Honestly, just eat it.