You can now use Tinder to go on group dates

But what if you both fancy the same one

Tinder have announced that Group Tinder, or “Tinder Social”, is being rolled out into the UK.

After testing the service earlier this year in Australia, Tinder will now allow groups of friends to go on dates together.

The new version of the app allows users to opt into the new feature, where you can have groups of friends arrange dates with other groups who are interested in meeting.

A statement released by Tinder CEO Sean Rad to the BBC said this marked “first step that we’re taking to make Tinder more social and a little broader when it comes to the types of connections we want to enable”.

Rad did stress, however, that this was not about targeting a niche: “It definitely allows you to make connections beyond romantic ones.

“We look at Tinder as not just being a dating app, but capturing your entire social life. And your social life has so many different aspects to it.”

When using the new feature users can select who they are going out with – other members of the group need to opt in. They can also say where they’re going – bars, the cinema, Nando’s perhaps.

If a member from both groups swipes right, they can then arrange to make a chat together.

Currently this will be free, although it has been suggested that it may be rolled into Tinder’s £3.99-for-under-28s service, Tinder Plus.