We asked London shops and restaurants if they’re sick of Pokémon hunters

‘I don’t see what the fuss is about, they all seem like mugs to be honest’

It’s impossible to escape Pokémon Go as a normal person, so spare a thought for the businesses in the game which have been turned into Pokéstops.

Shops, pubs, cafés and restaurants across London have seen hordes of people coming in just to ruffle through their stock, desperately looking for those rares.

We wondered what it must be like to go into work to expect some paying customers only to find someone sweating over Gyarados they can’t seem to find, so we went out to ask the people on the frontlines.

Anoushka, 29, Knitting technician and shop assistant

Yeah, I’ve seen a lot of people coming in on their phone. It’s slightly annoying but as long as they get a coffee afterwards I don’t mind.

I think the increase in business is mostly to do with the weather, but Pokémon Go might have something to do with it.

Peter, 33, Manager at OnePiece, Boxpark

I do see a lot of people coming into the shop, going through all the clothes every so often but always looking back at their phones.

To be honest, I don’t mind. One time after work a saw a group of guys playing and I joined in. Ended up playing for like two hours with them.

Katie, 33, Admin at Cargo

People don’t really come in here all that much, but I have seen loads of people with their phones walking past outside.

I don’t see what the fuss is about, they all seem like mugs to be honest.

Joe, 25, Bartender at CornerShop

If anything, there are less people coming in and buying drinks. Lots of kids are just coming in here to catch Pokémon.

Wale, 23, Barista at Paper & Cup

I think we’ve seen a lot more business because of the good weather and the game. We’ve got loads of people buying food- we don’t usually run out of sandwiches before 1 but the past few days we’ve been completely sold out.

Guillermo, 20, Works at Pump, Shoreditch

There hasn’t been too much difference. Although what I have noticed is that a lot of older people who come for drinks in the evening play it more than people who come during the day.

Sara, 26, Retail worker at Religion

I haven’t seen anyone. I only heard about it yesterday.

Sharice, 19, Bartender at The Shoreditch

It was unusually busy for a Wednesday and I’ve seen loads of people just getting off the bus with their face in their phones. I had no idea the bar was a Pokéstop though.