University College Oxford college to set aside 10 per cent of places for poor students

They’re the first college to do it

A Oxford college has pledged to increase their intake by 10 per cent reserving the new places for disadvantaged students in a effort to broaden their intake.

University College says the scheme is to “ensure that very deserving students of high potential who come from disadvantaged backgrounds, but who might otherwise miss out on a place at Oxford due to the sheer number of applications, have the chance to study here”

When allocating the limited places, the college will take into consideration where the student lives, if they have been in care, come from lower performing schools, and of course whether they meet the university’s conditional offer.

University College Oxford

The Univ Opportunity programme will offer a four week ‘bridging’ program for the disadvantaged students so that they can adapt to the way of life at Oxford. The university will also provide a £500 grant for living costs to those who attend.

Sir Ivor Crewe, the master of University College, said “In offering new places, we’re not reducing anyone else’s chances of gaining a place at University”. The College also said that there was insufficient representation of under-privileged students in the student body.

The scheme will allow students to apply for positions in October 2016 with the first round of admissions joining in September 2017.