Meet the Nan who goes to Ibiza every year

Her favourite club is Es Paradis

My Nan has, and always will be, incredibly cool. 30 years ago, before Ibiza became The Party Island, she bought an apartment a mere 15-minute drive from the craziness for which Ibiza is famed.

So, who better to ask about the White Island than my very own Gangsta Granny…

Juan love

Ibiza is obviously renowned for its clubbing life – have you ever been?

“When I was younger, I used to go quite often with my husband and some friends we had out here. There are so many clubs to choose from now, but back then there was only one called Eden. I prefer going to bars now for a Disaronno and Coke – although I must say, I do have a little dance on the balcony when I hear something by Justin [Bieber] as I do like him.”


If you had to choose, which club is your favourite?

“That’s a hard one, but I’d have to say Es Paradis. It’s shaped like an Egyptian Pyramid and looks small, but the inside is a lot bigger than you would expect. Plus, on a Wednesday they play all of the old school classics and there’s free entry, which is an attraction to any age!”

Have you ever met any famous celebrities out here?

“Oh yes, they all come to Ibiza now. Even though I don’t watch it myself, last year we met the cast of TOWIE as they were passing through San Antonio Bay – I like that Mark now, he’s a good looking one and not orange like the rest of them.”

Can you describe your perfect day in Ibiza?

“The lifestyle is such that you go to bed late and wake up late, so I’d have a late brunch – eggs, bacon, the works – then go to the beach and laze around for an hour or so. Then I’d come back to the apartment and watch some DVDs – I love House at the moment, but I’ll probably fall asleep during my siesta.

“Then have a shower, change for dinner and go to one of the restaurants around here – the food is really lovely out here, but everything is served with chips because they think that’s all we Brits eat! It’s too hot during the day to go for a walk, so I’d go for a nice long stroll in the cooling evening air before retiring to watch some more TV at home. I must sound very boring, but I am 76!”


Other than clubbing, what else is there to do in Ibiza?

“There are so many beautiful sandy beaches in Ibiza. My favourite is Cala Bassa, because the water is crystal clear and there is no seaweed. If you’re looking for culture, then anywhere in Old Ibiza Town is great and you can still see the Ibizan women in their traditional dress going about their day. Or there is the Can Marca Cave which is a must in Ibiza, which you can swim into and have a look around.”

Sandy mmm

If you were to give one piece of advice to young people travelling to Ibiza for the first time, what would it be?

“Enjoy yourself, but stay out of trouble. Alcohol is very cheap out here, and I have seen a lot of drunk youngsters who get arrested by the police just because they are drunk, which ruins their holiday. Also, always carry Imodium because you never know when you might need it.”

That face when they drag you away from Ibiza </3