The UK’s biggest chillers on what David Cameron should do now

There’s a lot of Jeremy Kyle on

After six long years at the top of British political life, David Cameron has suddenly found himself out on his arse. On Wednesday, when asked in the House of Commons what his engagements for the rest of the day were, he said “my diary is remarkably light”.

With an uncertain employment situation ahead of him, the former PM might struggle to fill his days. With this mind, we asked some of the biggest chillas we could find what he should do next.

Tom, 19

I’m a big fan of Peaky Blinders, so now that Cameron has time to chill, he should definitely give that a watch. Or he should try and become an installation at the new part of The Tate Modern depicting the face of modern political failure. Alternatively, he could replace his wax work at Madame Tussauds and scare that one person that wants to actually take a picture with him.

If he’s feeling up to it, I think he should start a Smiths cover band with all the other MPs who got fired. He said the Smiths are his favourite band, but misquoted them on Prime Minister’s Question Time.


Seb, 20

Well right now I’m watching Jeremy Kyle and hating myself so he could do that. He could gaze upon the people he’s screwed over and feel bad. I’m also eating Ben & Jerrys Phish Food out of the tub but I imagine he’s more of a M&S own brand ice cream kind of guy. He could sit with other members of the Bullingdon club taking the piss out of the plebs.


Harry, 16

Well he’s got money, so he can buy himself a decent house for his family and a PlayStation 4 and get new maps on Call of Duty: Black Ops. If he fancied a bit of Netflix and chill, then I’d recommend American Horror Story. But the best way to deal with being unemployed is to get a couple of beers and have a kick around up the park with George Osborne.

Robb, 23

Dav Cam needs to get on Pokemon Go. He knows London so well he’ll be able to go around and collect loads. Maybe when he’s feeling up to it he could get a part time job in a shop – not a butcher’s though.


Sam, 19

David should watch The Thick of It because it’s a political comedy so he might get a few laughs out of it before weeping about the man he used to be. Actually I’d say he should watch The Revolution Will Be Televised because then he can watch his ex-colleagues get humiliated in public.


Stay chilled, Dav Cam.