Why Tooting is becoming the best place to live in South London

Tooting is rooting

Following in the footsteps of Clapham, Balham and Brixton – Tooting has everything going for it. It is no longer the epitome of ordinariness, it’s up-and-coming. It’s gastropubs encompass cinema’s and organic food. Crown mouldings, pininfarina designed kitchens, and hardwood floors can be spotted through apartment bay windows. Tooting is no longer a suburban slumber, and here are the reasons why.

We’ve got a pool

The largest, fresh water open-air swimming pool in England, which was once mocked as an outdated 30s lido, is now the trendy place to bathe during the summers. Many celebrities, especially has-beens from the former TV show The Bill, spend their summer days here. The lido’s iconic coloured changing rooms feature in many adverts and artwork.

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It’s the mayor of London’s hometown

Khan is proud of his home turf. He grew up on the Henry Prince Estate in Earsfield and now lives around the Furzedown area. Having the mayor of London living here makes Tooting the best place to live.


Tooting has long be flagged as an ‘up-and-coming’ area because there has been an expectation that it will go the same way as Balham and Clapham. Independent coffee shops, such as Mud, that are embellished with mismatched furniture and brick walls, have popped up. Run by New Zealander’s, it is a laid-back cafe that hosts coffee and brunch and people are saying it is even better than Balham’s milk. This cafe benchmarks the suburban splendour that is Tooting.


Tooting market is better than Brixton Village

A premier indoor market. It has a variety of stalls selling anything form fresh fish, to fashion, to furniture. It also contains a food court, with bars and restaurants that stay open until 10.30, and many hair and nail salons. It mimics Brixton Village, but it’s better.

It’s still really central but more affordable

Although technically a suburban town, it’s position on the northern line means that access into central London is idiot-proof.  Only 25 minutes away by tube from either Tottenham Court Road or Bank, Tooting has strong associations with the inner city.


Soho House opened a chicken shop here

The opening of The Chicken Shop is a concrete sign that Tooting has up and come. For those who are unfamiliar with the chicken shop, it is owned by the Soho House brand who also own both Dirty Burger and Pizza East. It’s basically an upmarket chicken shop, edgy right?


The Gorringe Park pub

The gastropub phenomenon has taken off because people love nothing more than eating sauteed wild mushrooms cooked in tarragon oil, whilst sipping on a fine pinot noir.  Tooting plays host to many. The Gorringe Park pub is a personal favourite. It boasts an ambitious menu of small eats and the basement has been converted into a small screening room if you’re in the mood for local cinema.

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Dosa n Chutney

Renowned for the vast diversity of restaurants, Tooting offers anything from authentic South Indian restaurants, such as Dosa n Chutney, to Lebanese, such as Mezza, to Honest Burgers to Chicken Shop. Dosa n Chutney’s South Indian and Sri Lankan café, serves both breakfast and dinner. Having an array of delicious indian cuisine makes Tooting a great place to live.

The northern-line effect

Since Tooting has been discovered, the once-shabby district has been getting a makeover. Young families are filling Tooting’s property thanks to the ‘northern-line effect.’ However, to these ostentatious families, Tooting is the affordable option. It is the overspill area of those who are priced out of Balham and Clapham. The central housing prices have pushed young professionals further from zone 1 and into this suburban wonder and this has created social hubs.

The Tram and Social

A late night venue with no entry fee. This converted tram shed is filled with quirky mismatched chesterfields sofas, and is chandelier-lit. Even when it gets busy, it still has a laid-back ambience.  Lionel Richie beams a smile from an album cover mounted on the back bar at you whilst you drink a drought beer.

Playing a show in an old tram station tonight. Onstage at 9.30pm

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