Can guys and girls ever just be friends?

There’s always that mate Jen tho

Girls, you’ve probably got loads of friends that are guys.  And guys, you’ve probably got loads of friends that are girls.  But in all honesty, can you really have a friendly relationship with someone of the opposite sex without having any form of sexual attraction?

‘When Harry Met Sally’ initially raised the question in 1989, the argument split nations, friendships and families. Formerly platonic friendships were reconsidered, fierce jealously stoked in hearts of significant others.

Nearly 20 years later, it’s still not been settled, so we took to the streets to find out what people really think.

Benoit, 23

“Yes I don’t see why not, although it’s probably easier when you’re in a relationship”

John, 23

“No, if my friend Jen walked in naked I wouldn’t say no”

Soraya, 30 & Oliver, 30

“No, it never stays as a friendship, unless it’s a partners friends or you’re related. We started off as ‘just friends.'”

“Even when you’re in a relationship, it’s difficult to just stay friends. It’s better to not have female friends when you have a girlfriend, why would you need them?”

Candice, 27

“Yes why couldn’t they be? Although sometimes other girls can get the wrong impression if you hang out loads”

Kingsley, 31

“No.. it can always happen… and it always does, well for me anyways.”


Dennis, 23

“Yes some of my best mates are girls”


Sarah, 18

“Yes absolutely why not? You always know when it’s just mates, or whether it’s anything more.”

Rupi, 23

“Yes you can but there’s always a slight attraction there. You just have to establish the boundaries.”

Jamie, 16

“Yes, of course. I never seem to fancy any of my guy friends.”