Fashion blogger Amy Beth Lowen on how to create your own space on the internet

This is the way to get noticed

We’ve all been there. Sitting in bed scrolling through Instagram bloggers, wondering how they manage to look so flawless when you’re in your pyjamas feeling like a far from fabulous potato. I decided to interview a blogger to find out what it’s actually like to run a fashion blog, and how to get your Insta’s looking as perfect as Beyonce’s weave.

Amy Beth Lowen is a 20 year old blogger from Buckinghamshire who has been blogging for over two years. Amy began blogging as a gateway to start her career in fashion, after being recommended that blogging was the “the best way to get herself noticed and create her own space on the internet” by people in the fashion industry. She talks us through the pros, the cons, and how to get more followers.

What style does your blog have?
My blog has a very minimalistic style, with basic outfit posts and wish lists.

What’s your favourite thing you’ve blogged?
As a fashion blogger I find it incredibly exciting when I buy a new item and then get to share it with my readers. I especially love posting about higher end accessories such as jewellery and shoes.

What are the perks of being a blogger?
I think the main perk of being a blogger is the exposure it can give you. It introduces you to so many other bloggers and brands and provides so many opportunities.


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What advice would you give to people who wanted to do a blog?
My advice would be to make sure you have enough time and the right equipment to start up a professional blog. Regular posts and quality writing and images make all the difference and will make your readers want to keep coming back.

How did you start your blog, did you have any issues along the way?
The main struggle I found was posting regularly. I think most people underestimate how time consuming it can be to shoot a handful of successful photographs, edit them and write something interesting to go with it.

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Are you friends with other bloggers?
Blogging has introduced me to so many other girls in the same situation as I am. Through communication on social media sight such as Instagram, and attending press days you can meet so many other like-minded people.

What/ who are your main influences on your blog?
I love any bloggers with a minimalist style similar to mine, nothing too bright or colourful, just simple relaxed style. My main style icon is founder of WeWoreWhat blog.

Any tips on how to get more followers?
I find the main thing that increases my follower count is regular posting, if you post everyday people are going to check your blog everyday. If you’re only posting once a month people will only look at your blog once a month, and it’s easier to forget about you.

How much time do you have to put into a blog?
I usually set aside one day a week to photograph multiple outfits, edit photos, and write up the comments.

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Where are your favourite places to shop for your blog?
Most of the clothes on my blog are simply from high street stores such as Zara and Topshop.

Is blogging expensive? How do you overcome this?
I wouldn’t say blogging is expensive, however there are a lot of costs that people are often unaware of, such as camera equipment, editing software, and the cost of a URL. Luckily I was already very interested in photography so have a good quality camera. I also cut costs in other areas by not paying for a photographer, and using nearby locations.

How do you take your pictures? 
I take my blog pictures on a Canon 500D camera and edit them all differently depending on the outfit and colour scheme. For my Instagram I just use my iPhone 6 camera and the editing app VSCO Cam to play around with the exposure and contrast on images. On my Instagram I try to edit most of my pictures with the same filter so it has a theme when people scroll through it.

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How realistic is it to earn money from blogging?
For me, blogging isn’t about earning money. However it is very easy to start working with brands and earning money once you start blogging, but you have to start on a small scale. Strictly speaking the more followers and more professional your blog is the more people will want to work with you.

What’s your favourite/ least favourite blog post?
My least favourite posts are the ones where the picture quality isn’t as good as I would like it, likewise the posts that look aesthetically pleasing are my favourites.

How do you connect with your viewers / appeal to them?
I use Instagram to connect with people and keep in contact as often as I can. It’s a great way to promote my blog to a wider audience and receive comments.

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You can follow Amy’s Instagram account here or view her online blog here.