Why Budapest is the best place to go on holiday this summer

We pitched Budapest against Napa, Zante and Magaluf

Ah Europe. Our old friend/foe. I really enjoy/endure the free movement of persons (delete as applicable). Anyway, whilst we’re still lucky enough to revel in visa-free travel you should probably make the most of travelling to the land of our more tanned neighbours.

So you’re speaking to your mates about where to venture to this summer. Your conversation will probably go something like this:

Dave: “Lets go Zante, Bob said it was mental”. Jack: “Ahh but he also got an STI and an awful tattoo of Skepta”. Dave: “How about Malia then?” Jack: “Looked crap on The Inbetweeners. Although, they do have all day boat parties”. Oscar: “Sounds good, what’s one of those?”. Jack: “err…a party, all day, on a boat”. Dave: “How about going to Budapest then?”.

So I’m here to tell you why Budapest is the holiday destination of this summer and why it is better than your “cool” college holiday.

Going Budapest is a bright idea

Ruining bars

Much academic ink has been spilled over whether a bar, club or pub is best (or whether some weird Wetherspoons hybrid is desirable). And most importantly, whether anyone actually enjoys clubs. Personally I value seats and not being in a too close proximity to sweaty strangers in drinking establishments, so when you say club- I’d rather have the sandwich.

Budapest: However, I’m about to put an end to this debate by introducing you to the ruin bars. These were abandoned buildings which were converted into ‘low-key clubs with little more than discarded furniture and artistic creativity’. The most infamous of all is Szimpla Kert, offers for a rather unique bar experience.

“Cool” college holiday destination: well you get to stand on the bar, that counts for something right? Ultimately the club in Zante inextricably similar to your hometown club, yet distinguished by the extent of poor decisions you make and the price of a fishbowl.


Bath time

Despite the lack of rubber ducks or bubbles, Budapest’s famous thermals baths are pretty incredible. The most famous to splash about in is Széchenyi in the City Park which features 15 indoor baths and three outdoor pools. You can even play chess with the locals in a bath – “check” that out!

How many ever times have you wished you had a beer in the bath? Well now you can at a sparty! There’s flashing lights and lasers and rather pumping music. 

“Cool” college holiday destination: In contrast, bathing in a pool of water is not desirable in Magaluf. If you’ve ever been lucky  unfortunate enough to see Sun Sex and Suspicious Parents, you’ll know what I’m on about.

The views

Budapest: So many views I’ve heard Drake’s next album will be there. Particularly on top of Gellért Hill, there’s a rather good panoramic view of Budapest. Just watch people attempting to take their shakey iPhone panoramas at the top…

“Cool” college holiday destination: Well if you do like to be beside the seaside, Zante is shore the place to be. Personally I sea sand as grainy menace, but depends if you like to get wavy on the beach.


If you’re sophisticated like me, innit, you’ll want to make the most of sights on holiday. From Buda Castle, Fisherman’s Bastion to the shoes on the Danube. There really is a lot to see…

“Cool” college holiday destination: In contrast, you’re persuaded along on some bar crawl by a rep making unfathomable promises about how good the night will be, although, admittedly you will probably get a t shirt. You witness your peers making obscene decisions in games all for a bucket of sex on the beach. If you’re “lucky” you may get to see some “star” from Geordie Shore.

Ice Cream

Budapest: Have you ever thought Mr Whippy ice creams were a bit of a boring shape? Nahh, me neither. Gelarto Rosa seem to have melted away the traditional shape and replaced it with a rather elegant flower.

“Cool” college holiday destination: If you’re lucky, you’ll be treated to so many chips by your all inclusive hotel that Lineker will feel fearful for the future of Walkers.

The music

Budapest: There’s a musical fountain! And no, it doesn’t play Ezra. It’s a giant fountain synced to music. Think it sounds lame, think again – it plays the Hungarian version of ‘Let it Go’ (Legyen hó). Fair point, maybe I should get out more…

Furthermore, there is the seven day Sziget Festival featuring Rihanna, Muse and even Euro 2016 legend David Guetta. Imagine a seven day V festival – with so many roadmen, there’s bound to be accidents, but Sziget somehow manage it!

“Cool” college holiday destination: You’ll probably get at least three nights of Lethal Bizzle. The club there is essentially a dress down summer ball. If you’ve got a premium ensuite uni room, you can afford Ibiza Rocks which normally has a good line up. Alternatively, if you ask nicely the DJ may let you plug the the aux lead into your phone. But yeahhh right.