We asked primary school children how they’d run the country after Brexit

They just want everyone to get along

Since the 23rd of June the UK has been a bit of a mess. In the wake of the Brexit vote the sterling plummeted, companies started moving jobs and seemingly every politician under the sun quit their jobs.

Michael Gove, Boris Johnson, David Cameron. All allegedly real adults with real jobs who clearly have no idea what to do next, so we asked the next generation how they’d run things.

Sunny, three, Southend

Sunny on the naughty stump

“We should all just play with each other and have a nice time. Countries who aren’t nice should sit on the naughty step.”

The EU flag as imagined by Sunny

Charlie, seven, Darlington

How do you think we should deal with Europe?

I don’t want other people to tell us what to do. We want to be our own judges.

We should be kind to everyone and help people who need help. Even if you don’t like someone, you should still be nice to them and they will be your friend.

Charlie’s view of UK politics

Ella, seven, London

What do you think of Europe?

I think it’s a nice country, I mean a nice city, I just think it’s a nice place.

How would you run the country if you were Prime Minister?

I would vote for us to stay in the EU and the people who told us to go out of the EU, I would tell that “you need to think”.

 What is Brexit?

It means are we gonna leave or are we gonna stay in the EU.

 Caragh, six, Belfast

Caragh at her graduation

Do you know what Brexit is?


Nigel Farage is a bad man. What should we do with him?

Put him in jail

Some people think that people from other countries shouldn’t be allowed to live here. What do you think about that?

You shouldn’t be allowed to say that

Do you know who Tony Blair is?


Do you think he should go to prison?


Rafi, eight, London

Rafi just wants everyone to be happy

Do you know what Brexit is?

Yes, the British exit for the EU Referendum

How do you feel about leaving Europe?

I’m extremely annoyed because now the cost of delicious food like mangos will go higher.

Nigel Farage is a bad man, what should we do with him?

I learnt this from a video, he’s forever hating the EU. We should take him away. We should raise his taxes!

How would you run the country to make everything better again?

I’ll probably get money from companies that work for me like Santander and I would give more money to the poor so we would have a better and bigger community.

Some people think people from other countries shouldn’t be allowed to live here – what do you think of that?

I think they should be allowed to live here, it would be annoying not to be allowed to go to a country even for a holiday. If I went to Spain because I love Spain and a police officer came up to me and said sorry you can’t be in Spain, I’d be annoyed because I love Spain.

Who would be the best British prime minister, out of everyone in the world?

Tom from Beast Quest because he’s really brave and makes very good decisions or Sadiq Khan because he’s very nice and I like how he talks to Donald Trump, when Donald Trump says things like England should leave the EU and be more like America.

The tense UK/US geopolitical climate