You’re going to be able to put old pics on your Snapchat story

Nothing is real and everything’s a lie

As part of Snapchat’s new “Memories” update, you’re now going to be able to update your snap story with old pictures.

Instead of seeing your friends’ lunches or banal snaps of their lecture theatre, expect to see recycled holiday pics and selfies that didn’t get enough likes on Instagram the first time around.

At the moment, Snapchat stories are at their spontaneous best. You see people meeting dogs, getting on planes and grinding their teeth into dust at a house night in Berlin. But from now on only the best, most polished snaps will see the light of day. Right now, every day brings new promise and a chance to be funny to a different crowd with different jokes. You see inside the lives of celebrities as they happen and celebrate success with DJ Khaled from right across the world.

But soon, thanks to “Memories” you can upload stories whenever you feel like, with pictures taken years ago. You can have multiple stories from multiple snaps mixing the new and the old in a confusing blend.

This could have been taken on a Tuesday

The beauty of the story is that it’s embedded into your week. On a Friday it’s either the source of livestreamed FOMO or the tool which you use to document your poor decisions. It’s part of your Saturday hangover ritual, trying to catch the messy snaps from last night before they’re hastily deleted and whisked away from screenshotting eyes.

But soon, it’ll become just another Facebook. Kylie Jenner will start to realize that she doesn’t have to work her product placement into her everyday life, the gym selfies will start appearing at all hours of the day and night and Snapchat will become a little less fun. Expect to see last year’s inter-railers in November and Napa lads in January, because no-one has to give a shit about the rules any more.

How will we know when he’s celebrating success right?

Just like when they introduced paid filters and a limit to replays, Snapchat have once again introduced something that isn’t fun and can’t compete with the basic af dog filter. Completely missing the point, the Snapchat team said:”It’s fun to celebrate an anniversary or birthday by finding a few old Snaps and stringing them together into a new Story!”

The changes that no-one asked for are being rolled out in the current Snapchat update and will be activated over the next month. And we still haven’t even got group chats.