Some Welsh people are cloning vouchers to get unlimited free Budweiser

They’re photoshopping the expiration date out

People in Wales are claiming multipacks of free Budweiser by tampering with vouchers from the internet.

Budweiser announced this week they would give everyone in Wales a free beer to celebrate their team reaching the semi-finals of the Euros.

However clever shoppers have exploited a loophole in the marketing ploy, and are walking away from shops with multiple cans or bottles for free.

The scammers have been changing the 06/07 expiry date, and using the vouchers in shops where they know staff don’t scan the provided barcode.

People have been posting pictures in Facebook groups with as many as 12 cans each after using the tampered vouchers.

One user said “It helps if you pick a dumb cashier and you gotta be like ‘my mate just used it at another branch of this store’.”

Another posted a picture of three pages of printed vouchers with the caption: “Wish me luck.”

Budweiser are yet to comment.