Speaking to dejected Wales fans after the Euro semi-final

Cardiff is a broken city

It’s cliche to say that excitement was fever-pitch in Wales yesterday ahead of the Euro’s semi final match but honestly, excitement was fever pitch. Pubs were rammed ahead of the 8pm kick-off, so much so that people were standing on the outskirts of the bar, clutching their pints, craning for a view of the underdogs as they faced Portugal. Thousands more poured into the Principality Stadium, only to watch their hopes dashed in a 2-0 result.

Hopes were high as predictions of 2-1 Wales were confidently made, and any fears of Ronaldo were suppressed by the knowledge that we had our own super hero Gareth Bale.For many the sheer fact that Wales had made it to the semi-finals was enough of a reason to celebrate. Spirits were high and even English supporters who had recently decided that they were definitely more Welsh than English were being bought pints and openly accepted into the crowd.

But it was not to be. We spoke to some fans after the match to get their tearful albeit accepting thoughts on the result.

Ellie Wilson, drama student, 21

“Wales really stayed positive, and the support of the team and fans was incredible.”

Rhys Jones, full time fan


“I honestly thought they’d win it, would’ve put my house on it.”

Lloyd James, student, 22

“It’s tough to take, I’m not gonna lie. It brings back painful memories of Waburton’s red card. Joe Allen grew up in my town of Narbeth so I am slightly biased but I thought he was world class.”

Happy and drunk girl squad

“James Collins, his lids on upside down, but he stopped Ronaldo from scoring, so I’d give him a solid 7/10.”

It was by no means a walk over though, and Gareth Bale didn’t disappoint with a couple of epic long shots at goal, the crowds stayed entertained. Its sad that Wales won’t be playing in the final, but fans recognise that honor was by no means lost.

Cardiff fans knew they weren’t getting a party last night, but the prospect of the street celebrations on the return of their team is something all were willing to wait for.