Nobody can pass the British citizenship test

Nine out of ten respondents failed

Some people say that the UK is lax when it comes to immigration, and that earning British citizenship is easy. Last week, The Tab put together a mock British citizenship test with questions from the Government’s “Life in the UK” test, to see how many people could pass – and therefore be eligible for British citizenship.

It was taken by over 150,000 people, and of these participants only one in ten could pass – to be precise 10.4%.

The most common score was 13 out of 24, markedly below the 75% score required to pass. 10.5% of our respondents got this mark.

1.8% answered between zero and six questions correctly and 37% scored between seven and 12. Just over half of respondents landed in the second bracket of four (which is still a fail mark), between 13 and 17 correct answers.

The lowest score achieved was 4 correct answers (0.2% of respondents).

A mere 0.6% scored full marks. It’s worth noting that 85.19% of views came from the UK.

The hardest question – or the one answered incorrectly most frequently – was: “In which year was a treaty, also called an Act of Union, passed that brought a new name for the world map?”, the answer being 1707.

In the year ending June 2015, 105,043 applicants were granted British citizenship.

If you have recently become a British Citizen and would like to share your experience of it, please get in touch by emailing [email protected].

You can take the quiz here: