Confessions: Your worst experiences meeting his parents

Say goodbye to that good first impression

Meeting your other half’s parents is always going to be a nerve-racking situation. You’re trying to make your partner’s parents love you even though all they’re probably doing is judging you, seeing if you’re the right person for their son or daughter. So it doesn’t help when things don’t go to plan and things get ten times more embarrassing. But at least it’s not as bad as these.


It wasn’t my first time meeting the boyfriend’s dad – it was the first time I had stayed at his dad’s house. As I was leaving to go home, I said bye but I called his real dad his step dad’s name. The previous marriage hadn’t ended well and it was major awkward. The boyfriend’s real dad was pretty cool with it, he basically just said, “You what? Who did you call me?”, in a jokey kind of way, but I could definitely tell it was awkward. 


This is perhaps not the worst thing, but my boyfriend’s parents were Mexican, and I ended up singing karaoke with them. It was just a horribly, embarrassing experience all round. 
So it was the first time I’d met them and we were all drinking Pisco that his mum had brought back from Peru. His dad kept topping me up. I have no idea how it came about but I think we were each taking it in turns to choose songs and then his dad brought up the idea of singing. At the time I remember thinking, ‘oh god’ but also, ‘well I have to do this or they’ll think I’m boring’. I wasn’t drunk but I was definitely tipsy so I decided to go for it.
I sang two songs and they were both heavily inappropriate lyric wise (looking back), but I chose them because they were the only Spanish songs I could think of that I vaguely knew the lyrics to. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t bad, but I look back and just think, ‘why on earth did I think singing was a good idea’.


I met my ex’s mum for the first time when I was leaving his house after we had slept together for the first time. I could hear her footsteps coming from the kitchen as I was coming down the stairs and as I sped up to avoid her, she sped up too. I ended up encountering her as I was trying to sneak out of the door which was a little embarrassing. Luckily she was lovely about it and she just said, “Hi, you must be Poppy. Lovely to meet you”. But it was still very embarrassing.


My ex’s step dad supported the BNP. I’m a first generation Muslim immigrant. You can see where our opinions differed.


So weirdly enough, before I started dating my high school boyfriend, Nick, I went to prom with his twin brother, Jordan. They look nothing alike, but that was technically the first time I officially met his mom. When Nick and I started dating, his whole family made a big joke about how I went to prom with his brother a few months before.

I went to prom with Jordan as friends, and only friends! We just all went to high school together and had some of the same friends- one of my best friends went to prom with Nick (also as friends). But when his brother Nick and I started going out, when I went over to their families’ houses for holidays, they would joke and say, “Oh Nick, what were you doing at prom? Playing footsies under the table with Zoe?” It lasted for a few months and was honestly funny mainly because of how embarrassed Nick would get.


When I met my boyfriend’s parents for the first time, I was so shy that I didn’t eat any of the Chinese food they ordered for dinner. As a result they asked if I had an eating disorder.


I was losing my virginity to an ex when his mum walked in. I jumped off and luckily all was concealed – I was wearing a dress – although I had no idea where my underwear was. He quickly pulled the covers up over him, nothing was seen but it was so obvious to everyone that she knew what was happening.

His mum blushed massively, as did I, but the dickhead joker of my boyfriend looked rather pleased. Anyway, his mum just said, “Here’s your washing!”, gave it to me, and kind of ran out the room. The relationship ended three months later.


I threw up all over their posh cream carpet the first night I stayed over. I’d been drinking red wine.


My boyfriend’s mum accidentally walked in on me giving him head the second time I met her. This is not the impression I wanted to make. We didn’t realise she was home. 


The first thing my boyfriend’s dad said to me was, “You’re loud in bed”. Then he followed it up with suggesting me to get a ball gag.