The ultimate guide to being a good wingwoman on a night out

Remember to cash in the ‘I owe you one’ cheque

If you’re the designated wing woman on your girls night, you probably play the biggest role of the night. Spending the whole night dancing with some strangers may not seem ideal, but it’s your duty soldier. Deal with it and have fun with it. 

Pep talk them Rocky style

Let’s. Do. This. Play the bangers at pres, give them a quick massage, loosen them up. This is sass lane and no-one will get in the way of us having a good time. While it might feel quite cringe, you are their hype man for the night. Big them up and get them pumped or they’ll be coming home alone – and blaming you for it. 

Practice makes perfect

Nerves can all get to us, with or without that last shot of jaeger, so having a few techniques and lines in mind could offer smooth entry. Introducing them is fabulous, really spot on, but the job doesn’t end there. They’ll need to be able to continue the conversation without your awesome presence, so building up their confidence by allowing them to talk to a range of people before the ‘chosen one,’ could offer the key to success.

If all else fails, literally roleplay the situation with them – the meeting, not the sex.

Make sure you have fun too

Nobody wants to see their wingwoman lagging in the first hour of the night. If only one of you is getting the adrenaline rush, then it can soon seem like a job. Drink, dance, embrace the excitement of the opportunity. With great power comes great responsibility – but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.

Big them up! (Crucial)

Rules of any squad, big or small: defend and protect.

You know your pal, so use this to their advantage. ‘Oh she can totally dance like MC Hammer’ or ‘how can you not believe that he can sing like Justin Bieber?’ Complimenting something about their features, may seem a little strange to the other person, so hone in on their skills and provide basic chat like ‘she’s just the nicest gal you are ever gonna meet’.

Rejection may happen, so prepare and be aware. You need to recognising the signs before something too major happens. You’re the backup, so read the person’s body language and choice of words. Look out for the short replies and lack of eye contact. If rejection does happen, it wasn’t your buddy, it was all ‘them.’ Don’t blame it on the sunshine, the moonlight, blame it on the fool that missed out.

Yes, this is the time to whip out the clichés. The classic ‘you’re just too good for them’ and ‘plenty more fish out in the sea.’ Sorted.


Know when your job is done

You did it soldier. Mission complete. Punch the sky Judd Nelson style and blend away into the shadows of the club. Treat yourself to a beverage. Make sure to not leave the club though. You may get called back in and who knows what their pull is like,  will your friend feel comfortable leaving on their own with them?

Keep your chum in the corner of your eye. Make it fun and meerkat every five minutes, just in case.