Is it ever OK for white people to have dreadlocks? We asked you

‘I understand the stigma. It doesn’t look right on some, and it looks good on others.’

Dreadlocks are more than just a hairstyle to some: they’re a culture – and they’ve certainly been the topic of some controversy recently. The hairstyle has been getting increasingly popular with white people, even Justin Bieber got some blonde dreads – angering a lot of people.

Taiwo Ogunyinka said as a white person with dreadlocks you might intend to be racist: “But that doesn’t mean that dreadlocks on white people exist in an anti-race vacuum.” Rachel Dolezal claimed she was black, but her white parents say she lied about her racial identity. The girl with a “transracial identity” now has dreadlocks.

It raises the question – is it OK for white people to have dreadlocks? Is it acceptable? Is it just a little bit of cultural appropriation? Does it even matter?

Mike, 26

“Oh, it’s just not on – it doesn’t look right does it?”

Ryan, 25

“If white people want to dread, they can dread.”

Steph, 26

“It doesn’t affect me in the slightest, absolutely an individual’s choice.”

Nicholas, 28 

“I think it’s okay.”

Andrew, 43

“Some look good and some don’t, some people look after them and some don’t. The same as black people.”

Phillip, 22

“Kind of looks a bit stupid.”

Jerome, 35

“Everyone should have their hair how they want.”

Femi, 20

“I understand the stigma. It doesn’t look right on some, and it looks good on others. There’s a rich culture behind it so I get where people are coming from when people speak out about it. I think everyone can do what they want.”

Amy, 26

“It’s a bit shit.”

Prince, 47 

“It’s not about what others think, it’s about self choice.”

Ashling, 31

“It’s no issue to me.”

Lisa, 21

“Cultural appropriation at its finest.”

Elliot, 22

“If they’re doing it just to walk around and look ‘sick’ then it’s cultural appropriation. If they listen to reggae and understand the culture, then it’s cool.”

Megg, 19

“I know that people think there needs to be a culture behind it, but if you wanna rock some dreads, rock some dreads.”

James, 21

“Everyone should be able to wear what they want. If there’s an issue, let it go – there’s bigger things to worry about.”